The Atmosphere Symposia explore the intangible and overlooked dimensions of design, planning & architecture, those difficult to pin down, document, or record with conventional instruments and methodologies.  Atmosphere is the consequence of the projects we make as designers of landscapes, cities, architecture and interiors. Atmosphere is hard to grasp, and even harder to talk about, yet the production of atmosphere, intended or not, is one of our most apparent contributions to the world.

It is something that lingers after the program has changed or the client has left. Though palpable, atmosphere resists registration. So fragile and dependent on the world around, atmosphere is also susceptible to our individual perception. It is not something that can be read or interpreted. It is the embodiment of the content we give our projects and how they meet the world.




Atmosphere 8 - Water

Atmosphere 7 - Emergence

Atmosphere 6 - Action

Atmosphere 5 - Ecology & Design

Atmosphere 4 - Experiencing the Everyday

Atmosphere 3 - Mediated Cities