Programs & Courses

Diploma in Agriculture

A modern farm operation is a complex business. Whether you want to operate a farm or work on the business end of agriculture, you’ll need an education that prepares you to succeed in today’s agri-food industry. Our two-year Diploma in Agriculture will set you up for a future of opportunity and success.

The program gives you not only technical and academic knowledge in a wide range of subjects, but also practical experience. You will learn about resource management, finance, communication and leadership. And you will develop critical thinking skills and an awareness of diverse perspectives, so that you are prepared to work effectively in today’s global community where international events affect local prices and trends.

You will graduate with a well-rounded understanding of both the practices and principles that inform the agri-food industry.
Where Can It Take You?

Our graduates find career opportunities in marketing and financial services, livestock production, crop management or agricultural merchandising. In addition, many grads have gone on to manage farms. Specific job titles include:

    Agriculture Loans Manager
    Agricultural Manufacturer Product Support
    Commodity Trader
    Farm Managers

Choose Your Focus
Year One provides an overview of the production, marketing and management of agricultural products.  In Year Two, you will choose one of four streams:

Business Management
Focuses on the business side of agriculture, including finance and credit, merchandising, sales, agricultural policy, financial risk management, etc.

Crop Management

Explores methods of weed control, plant disease, soil conservation, soil fertility, forage and pasture management, as well as specialty crops and diversification through horticultural crops.

Livestock Management

Teaches how to manage livestock operations, with a focus on animal health and welfare, and production and management of beef, dairy, poultry, equine and swine herds.

General Agriculture

Offers a diversified education through courses in business-, crop- and livestock management. If you want to explore your options in agri-business or you plan to manage a diverse operation, this general stream is ideal.

Final project
Each stream culminates in a major management planning or financial analysis project that relates directly to your personal interests.

Did You Know?

Reflects Farming Seasons
To accommodate students with farming obligations, our Diploma program extends over two academic sessions from mid-September to early April.

On-the-Job Training
Gain valuable work experience through summer jobs and help finance your education.

MIA Membership

Graduates are eligible for membership in the Manitoba Institute of Agrologists (MIA) as Technical Agrologists.

Finance Your Education
The Faculty, industry and other partners offer many scholarships and bursaries, including major awards for the best academic work.