Agriculture Diploma Course Outlines
ABIZ 0440 Agricultural Economics and Marketing 1
ABIZ 0450 Agricultural Economics and Marketing 2
ABIZ 0460 Financial Management 1 (Fall Term)
ABIZ 0470 Financial Management 2 (Winter Term)
ABIZ 0710 Agricultural Policy
ABIZ 0720 Farm Business Management
ABIZ 0730 Financial Risk Management
ABIZ 0750 Advanced Agricultural Financial Management and Lending
ABIZ 1000 Introduction to Agribusiness Management
ABIZ 1010 Economics of World Food Issues and Policies
ABIZ 2610 Agricultural Law
ABIZ 2620 Agricultural Human Resource Management
ANSC 0420 Animal Biology and Nutrition
ANSC 0600
Animal Health and Welfare
ANSC 0670 Beef Cattle Production and Management
ANSC 0680 Dairy Cattle Production and Management
ANSC 0690
Swine Production and Management
ANSC 0700
Poultry Production and Management
ANSC 0730
Horse and Stable Management
BIOE 0222 Precision Agriculture - Technological Tools for Decision Making
BIOE 0600 Farm Machinery
BIOE 0700 Agricultural Buildings and Environments
BIOE 0710 Materials Handling and Electrical Controls
DAGR 0410 Skills for Agricultural Communication and Decision Making
DAGR 0480 Introductory Farm Management
DAGR 0490 Applied Farm Management
DAGR 0510 Farm Management Practicum
DAGR 0520 Managing Agricultural Safety
DAGR 0540 Exploring New Opportunities in Adding On-Farm Value
DAGR 0550 Managing Farm Business Transition
DAGR 0610 Advanced Communication and Leadership
DAGR 0630 Special Project
DAGR 0660 Special Topics - Innovations in Agriculture
DAGR 0690 Management Planning Project 2
DAGR 0730 Case Studies in Institutional Lending 1
DAGR 0830 Agriculture Cooperative Education Work Term
DAGR 0910 Integrated Sustainable Agri-Food Systems
DAGR 0920 Current Issues
DAGR 0980 Farm Management Project 1
DAGR 0990 Farm Management Project 2
ENTM 0610 Beekeeping
ENTM 0620 Insect Pest Management
ENTM 1000 World of Bugs
FOOD 1000 Food Safety Today and Tomorrow
HNSC 1200 Food Facts and Fallacies
HNSC 1210 Nutrition for Health and Changing Lifestyles
PLNT 0410 Crop Production Principles and Practices
PLNT 0750 Forage and Pasture Management
PLNT 0760 Crop Production Specialization and Innovation
PLNT 0770 Weed Management
PLNT 0780 Plant Disease Management
PLNT 0820 Organic Crop Production on the Prairies
PLNT 1000
Urban Agriculture
SOIL 0420 Soil Resources and Productivity
SOIL 0620 Soil and Water Management
SOIL 0630 Soil Fertility