Pre-Veterinary Studies

Are you committed to improving the health and well-being of animals? If so, a career in veterinary medicine could be the path for you. Our Pre-Veterinary Studies program will prepare you to apply to the Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM) at the University of Saskatchewan, where you can pursue the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program. Each year, the WCVM reserves 15 positions for qualified students from Manitoba.

Veterinary medicine focuses on the health of all animal species, from food-producing animals and companion animals to wildlife. Veterinarians pursue careers in private practice, specialized disciplines, public service, research or industry.

As a pre-vet student, you’ll take Bachelor of Science (Agriculture) courses in our Animal Systems program. After two years of study in our Faculty, you will be eligible to apply for admission to the WCVM. While awaiting acceptance to vet school, you may choose to complete your B.Sc. (Agriculture) degree.

Admission into WCVM is highly competitive. Pre-Vet students need at least a high ‘B’ average to be considered for a position. Admission is based not only on academic performance, but also on practical and clinical experience, and communication skills.

Did You Know?

Competitive Edge
Strengthen your vet school application with important experience by playing a key role in student organizations such as Pre-Vet Club, Stockman’s Club, and our student council.

Hands-On Experience
Students considering vet studies are strongly encouraged to work or volunteer in an animal care setting such as a vet clinic or animal shelter. As well, the Faculty offers a work experience program through the Animal Science department which can give you exposure to working with dairy, swine and poultry.

Finance Your Education
The Faculty, industry and other partners offer many scholarships and bursaries, including the Norman E. Stanger Award in Pre-Veterinary Studies.

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As a Pre-Vet student you get hands-on training in labs and full-day tours, and can assist animal scientists in their research.


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