Educational Programs

Diploma Program 

Diploma in Agriculture: practical, hands-on education in business management, crop management, livestock management or general agriculture.

Bachelor Programs

B.Sc. (Agribusiness): the study of the business and economics of food, with a focus on agribusiness, agricultural economics, or international agribusiness.

B.Sc. (Agriculture) has three areas of specialization:

Animal Systems: the study of animal production including genetics, anatomy, physiology, nutrition, health and reproduction

Agronomy: the study of crop production, soil management and water resources

Plant Biotechnology: an education in the sciences and advanced biotechnologies applied to the improvement, protection and uses of agricultural and horticultural crops

B.Sc. (Agroecology): the study of managed ecosystems and how we can achieve economically and environmentally sustainable agricultural production

B.Sc. (Food Science): explores how raw commodities are processed into healthy, safe and appealing foods, with a focus on either business or science 

B.Sc. (Human Nutritional Sciences): promoting human health through food, nutrition and healthy eating for individuals and communities

Graduate Programs

Masters and Ph.D. programs offered by our seven departments. 

Additional Programs

Pre-Veterinary Studies: the Faculty offers a two-year pre-veterinary program to prepare Manitoba students for study at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine, located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 

Co-operative Education Program

Specialized Training/Short Courses

Brandon University Program: Begin your university program at Brandon and transfer credit to the University of Manitoba

we feed your future DID YOU KNOW

Over two million Canadians are involved in the agri-food industry, from producers to food processors, financial officers to research scientists, plus many more rewarding careers.

More than 90% of Agricultural and Food Sciences students are employed in their career one year after graduation.


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