Human Nutritional Sciences

Human Nutritional Sciences

B.Sc. Human Nutritional Sciences

Become a leader in promoting human health through food, nutrition and healthy eating for individuals and communities.  Human Nutritional Sciences focuses on the impact of nutrition at every level of human life – from molecules and metabolism to global populations. Our program explores how nutrition applies to different human needs and lifestyles, the importance of nutrition to community health, and the role nutrition plays in preventing and managing disease.

Our undergraduate program is accredited by PDEP (Partnership for Dietetic Education and Practice).  If your goal is to become a Registered Dietitian, you can earn the educational requirements to apply for a dietetic practicum by taking recommended dietetics preparation courses in the Nutrition Option.

Where Can It Take You?

A degree in Human Nutritional Sciences opens doors to fulfilling careers in a variety of sectors. Specific careers include:

  • Registered Dietitian (following completion of an accredited dietetic practicum - application required)
  • Food Development Consultant or Sensory Specialist
  • Food Service Director
  • Community/International Development Specialist
  • Sport Nutritionist
  • Home Economics Teacher (with completion of an Education degree)

Our program can also help you meet pre-professional requirements for medicine, law, dentistry, or graduate work.

Choose Your Focus

Nutrition Option
Learn about the role of nutrition in health promotion and disease prevention. Optional to build in the dietetics preparation courses to apply for dietetic practicums.

Foods Option
Learn how to develop food products that promote health and increase the competitiveness of the food production, processing and marketing industries.

Food Industry Option
Explore the ways health and nutrition impact the food industry by concentrating your studies on quality assurance, food product development, or food industry management.

Did You Know?

Dietetic Practicums
A dietetic practicum program gives you the required practical experience you need to qualify as a Registered Dietitian. Qualified students can apply for PDEP accredited post-degree practicum programs or Masters Practicum programs. Check out program options here.

Hands-on, experiential learning practicum course
Gain practical, hands-on experience in your field of study by completing a practicum course in your final year. Interact with professionals in the field and complete projects related to your specific professional interests. The Food Industry Option practicum provides 280 hours of experience in a commercial or government setting. The Nutrition Option practicum provides 100 hours of experience in a variety of public service, non-profit and research settings.

Finance Your Education
The Faculty, industry and other partners offer many scholarships and bursaries, including specific awards for B.Sc. (HNS) students.

Second Degree Option
The HNS program offers a Second Degree option for students that have successfully completed a previous degree in another discipline. This option consists of 60 credit hours to obtain the B.Sc. in Human Nutritional Sciences. Students may choose to concentrate on Foods, Human Nutrition or Dietetics. The Second Degree, dietetics concentration along with some additional supporting courses meets PDEP accreditation standards for those interested in applying for dietetic practicums to become a Registered Dietitian.

Learn more about the options in the Bachelor of Science (Human Nutritional Sciences) here!

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Class sizes are small, allowing you to establish one-on-one relationships with profs and classmates alike. It makes your learning more meaningful.


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