Food Science

Food Science

B.Sc. Food Science brochure

Did you know that your favourite breakfast cereal started out as nothing more than an idea in a food scientist’s head? The knowledge gained by studying food science transformed that early idea into a valuable product that now helps feed people around the world. And that’s what a degree in Food Science will do for you: teach you the physical, microbiological and chemical makeup of food in order to develop nutritious, delicious and innovative products that people feed themselves and their families with every day.

Whether your passion is science or business, a Bachelor of Science (Food Science) opens a world of opportunity. You’ll study food safety, chemistry, microbiology, engineering, and sensory science, and learn how raw agricultural materials can be processed and formulated into consumer-ready food products.

You can focus on the science of food production through lab-based research, or the business of food production through courses in business and management. The choice is yours.

Where Can It Take You?

A degree in Food Science can lead to a variety of fulfilling careers, including:

  • Food Chemist
  • Food Engineer
  • Food Development Specialist
  • Food Safety Inspector
  • Marketing Specialist

Choose Your Focus

Learn the science and technology of food processing, packaging, and preservation of foods

Explore the business and economics of food production, including marketing and finance

Did You Know?

Develop Real Products
Create products with commercial potential in the department’s food processing plant and test kitchen, and gain direct experience in basic dairy processing with our dairy processing plant. Courses in business and management will teach you how to take these products to the market.

International Competitions
Put your knowledge and skills to the test at international food science competitions. Our teams compete regularly and often win top prizes.

On-the-Job Training
Gain valuable work experience through summer jobs or cooperative education postings with industry and government. Develop practical skills in your area of study while earning money to help finance your education.

Exchange Opportunities
Make the most of international study opportunities in countries such as Sweden, Mexico, France, the U.S., China and India.

Finance Your Education
The Faculty, industry and other partners offer many scholarships and bursaries, including the Dairy Farmers of Manitoba Award.

we feed your future

Class sizes are small, allowing you to establish one-on-one relationships with profs and classmates alike. It makes your learning more meaningful.


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