Farm Safety Initiatives

The School of Agriculture at the University of Manitoba is established as a forerunner in the field of Farm Safety developing courses and workshops for agricultural students and producers.

The School of Agriculture works closely with both federal and provincial safety organizations to ensure all farm safety courses and workshops align with current legislation.  Our safety training is designed to be engaging and practical to help make planning for farm safety manageable and adoptable. By partnering with safety organizations, producers and students to determine the needs and objectives for safety training, the School of Agriculture has been able to initiate courses and workshops to help disseminate farm safety information across Manitoba.

The School of Agriculture is committed to the development and delivery of programs, workshops, training and courses that support students and the broader agricultural industry in the adoption of farm safety.

To learn more about our initiatives, partners and projects please contact:

Michele Rogalsky - Director, School of Agriculture
Office: 271 Agriculture Building
Phone: (204) 474-9262


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