Online Farm and Food Awareness Week

Computer screen with an image of cattles next to a phone with an image of vegetables.

Normally FFDC celebrates Farm and Food Awareness Week in Manitoba by hosting Open Farm Day, Amazing Agriculture Adventure, and Food From the Land Day. Unfortunately all our events have been cancelled due to COVID-19. Instead, FFDC joined forces with many partners to release resources, activities, cool videos, and fun facts. We hope you can use some of the resources and activities with your kids!

Day 1: Food & Family

Connections to Food & Eating by Nüton
Exploring food and cooking is not only a good activity for home, but it’s also a great opportunity to teach kids about science, literacy, math…and so much more!
Free download of Connection to Food and Eating

Mealtime Conversation Starters by Nüton
Mealtime is the perfect time to connect! But are you stuck on typical questions like “How was your day?” or “What did you do at school today?” and are tired of getting one-word answers like “Fine” Or “Nothing”?
Free download of Mealtime Conversation Starters

Preparing Couscous Salad by Nüton
Use Nüton’s Couscous Salad recipe as a sample recipe to help kids make connections to math and reading. Students will also be able to name and describe basic food preparation skills (e.g. stirring, measuring).
Free download of Preparing Couscous Salad

Family Egg Trivia by Manitoba Egg Farmers
Test your family’s knowledge on eggs and egg farming by taking Manitoba Egg Farmer’s trivia quiz! This quiz includes some questions targeted to adults, and some simpler ones for children.
Free download of Egg Trivia

Day 2: All About Ag & Food

The Real Dirt on Farming Magazine by Farm and Food Care
The Real Dirt on Farming Magazine is designed to connect you with the food you eat, and introduce you to some of Canada's farm families. This booklet provides basic facts on farming and food production in Canada.
Free download of The Real Dirt on Farming

Egg Colouring Page by Manitoba Egg Farmers
Wrap up the day with this “punny” colouring page!
Free download of Egg Coloring Page

Beef-It-Up! Activity Book by Manitoba Beef Producers
Manitoba Beef Producer’s Beef-it-up Activity book is a great way for kids to have fun as they learn about beef production in Manitoba.
Free download of Beef-it-Up Activity Book

Now You’re Cooking with Manitoba Chicken education booklet by Manitoba Chicken Producers
We’re serving up some chicken fundamentals in our new Now You’re Cooking with Manitoba Chicken education booklet. In this book you will find fabulous family-friendly recipes that are great for getting kids and youth in the kitchen, a variety of chicken farming facts, and some handy food safety tips to help junior cooks learn the ins and outs of food preparation and cooking.
Free download of Now You’re Cooking with Manitoba Chicken

Day 3: Celebrating 150 Years of Growing Produce in Manitoba

5 Ways to Use Shredded Cabbage by Farm to School Manitoba
Check out this video by Farm to School Manitoba showing creative and tasty ways to add and prepare shredded cabbage in meals.
Free link to 5 Ways to use Shredded Cabbage video

Canada’s Food Guide Word Search
by Bruce D. Campbell Farm and Food Discovery Centre
Canada’s Food Guide provides many recommendations for healthy eating such as including plenty of veggies and fruit. Complete this word search, then compare the words found in the search to the recommendations in the food guide!
Free download of Canada’s Food Guide Word Search

Knife Safety with Carrots by Farm to School Manitoba
Learn how to safely use a knife in the kitchen to cut carrots in different ways with this video from Farm to School Manitoba.
Free download of Knife Safety with Carrots

Celebrate Manitoba Produce Contest by Farm to School Manitoba & Bruce D. Campbell Farm and Food Discovery Centre
We’ve teamed up with Farm to School Manitoba to present this awesome contest for early and middle year teachers. One lucky teacher will win the grand prize including a FREE field trip to FFDC for a class of up to 30 students, 50% transportation reimbursement for the bus ride, and a swag bag full of resources, activities and prizes for their class! Four other teachers will win swag bags full of resources, activities and prizes for their class!
To enter to win, all you have to do is fill out this form!

Day 4: Animal Care

Animal Care Practices video by Manitoba Beef Producers
Manitoba Beef Producers are proud of how they care for their animals. In this video, cow-calf producer Melissa Atchison speaks about the animal care practices used on her family’s beef operation.
Free link to Animal Care Video

Pig Activity Sheets
by Manitoba Pork
These activity sheets from Manitoba Pork Council are sure to keep the kiddos entertained while they learn a little something about how hogs are raised.
Free download of Pig Activity Sheets

Meet a Manitoba Chicken Producers farm family, the Martens. Owners of Nateson Acres Ltd. by Manitoba Chicken Producers
Welcome to the Martens' family broiler chicken farm. Nathan, Stacy and their six children take you on a tour of their beautiful chicken farm in southern Manitoba. When it comes to raising their chickens, our farmers like the Martens, take the most pride and care to ensure that their chickens are content and healthy. They work hard to provide the highest quality animal care and invest in the latest technologies to care for their chickens. Learn more about broiler chicken farming in this video featuring the Martens.
You Tube link to Martens Family, Nateson Acres Ltd. video

Barn Life by Manitoba Pork
Did you know that barns provide pigs with shelter and a healthy and comfortable environment in which to grow? How about that farmers always look for ways to improve how their animals are housed, raised, fed, and moved, resulting in healthier animals and a safer food supply? Learn about this and more in Manitoba Pork’s video, Barn Life.
Free link to Barn Life video

Day 5: Sustainability

Habitat Preservation Video by Manitoba Beef Producers
Did you know that many of the grasslands that Manitoba Beef Producers raise their cattle on provide critical habitat for at-risk plants, animals and bird species. This video featuring conservationist Dr. Christian Artuso talks about the synergies between beef production and habitat preservation.
Free link to Habitat Preservation Video

Farm Technology Crossword by Bruce D. Campbell Farm and Food Discovery Centre
Technology is everywhere on the farm! Many new pieces of tech are used to help farmers improve sustainability! Find out about some cool tech by completing this Farm Technology Crossword!
Free download of Farm Tech Crossword

Build Your Burger… and Feed your Appreciation for Manitoba’s Sustainable Agriculture by Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development
Manitoba farmers produce safe and healthful foods for you and your family. They also want to make sure they farm in an environmentally-friendly and sustainable way. Being sustainable means using what we need to live now, but making sure we keep the land healthy for people in the future. If an activity is sustainable, it should last forever. Use this resource to “build a burger” using foods made in Manitoba and answer the true/false questions to learn more about sustainability and how farmers care for their farm and the environment.
Free link to Build Your Burger Activity

Egg Carton Bird Feeder by Manitoba Egg Farmers
Egg Carton Bird Feeders are a great way to recycle egg cartons while feeding the beautiful birds of the world. With minimal supplies, you can create an eco-friendly way to invite little guests into the yard.
Free download of Egg Carton Bird Feeder