The Bruce D. Campbell Farm and Food Discovery Centre is a fun and exciting destination with exhibits, public programs and events that explore modern farming and food production, and the science and technology that provides healthy, sustainable food for Manitoba and the world.

The Discovery Centre features interactive hands-on displays about every aspect of food production, from farming to the marketing, retailing and eating of food.

The Discovery Centre also seeks to strengthen networks and partnerships to promote public awareness of the issues of the sustainability, security of food and healthy lifestyles.

Programming is aimed at middle-years students, families and the general public. It also showcases the research conducted by the University of Manitoba and explores the wide range of career opportunities in the agri-food sector.


To tell the story of modern farming and food production including the role of leading edge research in increasing food production and advancing environmental stewardship, animal welfare, nutrition and food safety.

Specifically the Centre will enhance public awareness and understanding of modern, sustainable food production, with emphasis on crops and livestock, and the effect of agricultural practices on the environment, with emphasis on soil, water and air.

The Centre will address the key themes that food comes from agriculture; farmers are environmentalists who take good care of the land and take animal welfare seriously; agriculture and food production make a significant contribution to the economic and social well-being of Canadians (and the wider world);, the importance of nutrition, healthy eating and food safety; there are many interesting careers in farming and food; and science plays a huge role in making safe, sustainable food.

Farm and Food Discovery Centre