Dr. Paul Bullock

Paul Bullock


Email: paul.bullock@umanitoba.ca

Current Research Interests:

Weather Impacts on Canola Quality in Western Canada

The overall objective of this project is to quantify the effects of growing season weather on canola quality for the purpose of canola quality prediction prior to harvest. This study utilizes the Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) harvest survey database for information on several quality indicators of specific canola samples including their growing location, planting date and variety. Weather databases are used to reconstruct the daily weather conditions over the growing season at each sample site. A set of weather parameters is generated for each sample to characterize the precipitation, heat stress and water stress at different phases of canola development at each location. These independent variables are being used to test the impacts of weather at specific growing season stages on canola quality.

Monitoring Soil Moisture Levels in Western Canada Using Real-time Weather Data

The overall objective of this project is to develop an accurate soil moisture model and a prototype system that generates frequent updates of profile soil moisture content from real-time weather data. A network of soil moisture monitoring sites was established in Manitoba, each adjacent to a weather station. The sites include representative vegetation types for the agricultural region of Manitoba including cereal, canola and permanent grass. The Versatile Soil Moisture Budget (VSMB) is being evaluated to determine how accurately it can simulate daily and hourly changes in soil moisture using real-time weather data sources that are readily available across western Canada.

Weather-based Assessment of Sclerotinia Stem Rot risk in Canola

The overall objective of this project is to develop reliable, weather-based method for determining the risk of sclerotinia stem rot in canola. Microclimate stations are deployed under the canola canopy to determine the air temperature, humidity, surface soil moisture and soil temperature. These parameters will be correlated to the occurrence of the disease under varying canopy densities. Standard meteorological data along with canola development stage and canopy density is being used to model the microclimate. The two-stage approach should provide both a better understanding of the environmental thresholds for disease occurrence as well as a link to regular weather conditions.

Improvement of Canola Performance using Stubble Height Management

The overall objective of this project is to determine whether long stubble provides a favourable microclimate for canola germination the following spring and if so, whether this results in improved yield and productivity. Large scale plots with 20 and 50 cm length stubble are being established across western Canada. A series of environmental measurements will be made to quantify the microclimate differences between sites and canola measurements will be used to determine the impacts on the crop.


My overall goal for each component of every course is that the students should find it to be (i) relevant, (ii) informative, (iii) interesting and (iv) enjoyable. I use a fairly standard delivery of lectures, laboratory exercises and assignments. However, these are delivered with the above goals in mind. I use practical examples to provide relevance and interest. I update my material every year to keep it informative and current. I have guests provide their expertise in specific subject areas.

I love to teach. It is a passion for me. But it is important to remember that the students in my courses are “consumers of education”. The University of Manitoba, like other similar institutions, attracts students to sell them an education. Every class that I teach is a part of the package that the university is offering to students who are spending hard-earned money to receive an education. My classes are there for the sake of their learning, not for the sake of my teaching.

Teaching Responsibilities:

SOIL 3060 - Introduction to Agrometeorology
SOIL 4510 - Soil & Water Management
SOIL 3610 - Field Methods in Land Resource Science
SOIL 7170 - Agricultural Micrometeorology

Current People:

Research Associates

  • Dr. Manasah Mkhabela 2010-

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Visiting Scientists


Ph.D Students

M.Sc. Students

Undergraduate / Pre-Masters


Past People:

Research Associates

  • Dr. Ibrahim Saiyed 2006-2008
  • Dr. Sangamesh Angadi 2003-2005

Post-doctoral Fellows

  • Dr. Manasah Mkhabela 2008-2010

Visiting Scientists

  • Dr. Shammi Raj 2009

Ph.D Students

  • Randall Renwick 2001-2008

M.Sc. Students

  • Emmanuel Ojo 2009-2011
  • Mark Gervais 2007-2009
  • Chris Holzapfel 2005-2007
  • Andrew Nadler 2004-2007
  • Gordon Finlay 2004-2007
  • Chad Jarvis 2003-2006
  • Yann Pelcat 2000-2006
  • David Whetter 2002-2004

Undergraduate / Pre-Masters

  • Mark Gervais 2005-2006
  • Andrew Nadler 2003-2004



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