Faculty and Staff


Belay Ayele  Ph.D. (Alberta)
111 Agriculture Building
(204) 474-8227

* Physiology, functional genomics and biotechnology of cereal crops
* Plant hormones/growth regulators
* Seed biology
* Abiotic stress tolerance
* Feedstock development for bioproducts     

Anita Brûlé-Babel  Ph.D. (Saskatchewan)
247A Agriculture Building
(204) 474-6062

* Wheat breeding and genetics
* Statistical analysis of multi-environment data
* Genetics of resistance to leaf diseases of wheat
* Development and evaluation of breeding methodologies
* Development of Fusarium Head Blight resistant germplasm
* Development of wheat for food, fuel and feed
* Mapping of host resistance to residue-borne diseases of wheat     

Douglas J. Cattani  Ph.D. (Wageningen, the Netherlands)
(Acting Associate Head)
105 Agriculture Building
(204) 474-6071

* Perennial grain breeding including grains and oilseeds
* Companion crop development
* Plant growth and development and its utilization for selection in
   perennial crop breeding programs
* Polyculture development
* Forage crop growth and development
* Perennials for bioenergy use   

Fouad Daayf  Ph.D. (Montpellier Ii), D. d'Etat (Marrakech)
222 Agriculture Building
(204) 474-6096 
Daayff Home Page

* Molecular mechanisms of plant-microbe interactions, including plant defense
   and pathogen counter-defense
* Mechanisms of biological control of plant diseases
* Role of secondary metabolites in plant defense and defense signaling
* Role of microbial inducers and suppressors in plant induced disease resistance
   and susceptibility
* Crops of interest include corn, soybean 
* Diseases of interest include:  verticillium and fusarium wilts, Goss's wilt,
   root rots, late blight   


Robert W. Duncan Ph.D. (UC Davis)
305 Agriculture Building
(204) 474-6076

* Hybrid rapeseed/canola cultivar development
* Conventional and herbicide-tolerant rapeseed/canola breeding
* Improvement of rapeseed/canola end-use quality
* Breeding and genetics of disease resistance
* Brassica agronomic research   


Martin H. Entz  Ph.D. (Saskatchewan)
309 Agriculture Building
(204) 474-6077
Natural Systems Agriculture

* Organic cropping systems
* Long term organic vs conventional crop production systems
* Farmer participatory organic crop breeding
* Crop-livestock integration
* Conservation agriculture         


 Dilantha Fernando
W.G. Dilantha Fernando Ph.D. (Oregon)
205 Agriculture Building
(204) 474-6072
Fernando Home Page

Characterizing Avr/avr genes in the Canadian Blackleg populations
* Identifying R-genes and adult plant resistance in Canadian canola/and other
   Brassica species and wild relatives
* Effector-receptor recognition in host-pathogen interactions through RNASeq
* Identifying pathgogenicity genes and resistance related genes through
   CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing
* Genetic diversity studies on Blackleg and Fusarium Head Blight pathogens and
   how they are related to weather and host interactions
* Cloning Avr genes in the Blackleg pathogen
* Investigating the PGPR activity of PA23 in crop rotations (biocontrol agent)
* Breeding for disease resistance


Brian W. Fristensky  Ph.D. (Washington State)
330 Agriculture Building
(204) 474-6085
Fristensky Home Page

* Gene expression in plants during resistant or susceptible interactions with 
   fungal or bacterial pathogens
* Bioinformatics          


Robert Gulden  Ph.D. (Saskatchewan)
115 Agriculture Building
(204) 474-6080
Weed Ecology & Management Lab

* Weed biology, ecology and function above and below ground
* Integrated weed management
* Factors affecting weed community assembly
* Crop/weed competition and resource capture
* Weed/soil-microbe interactions
* Extracellular DNA in the environment   


Yvonne Lawley  Ph.D. (Maryland)
109 Agriculture Building
(204) 474-6504

* Agronomy, soybean and corn agronomy, and cropping systems research
* Cover Crops
* Plant and soil interactions
* Plant and soil management to address agricultural and environmental challenges 


Genyi Li 
Ph.D. (Huazhong)
307 Agriculture Building
(204) 474-7192

* Plant genomics and molecular biology
* Genetic mapping, gene cloning, gene functional analysis and 
   molecular marker development
* Gene manipulation in seed size and oil content in canola
* Resistance gene identification for blackleg, sclerotinia and
   clubroot in Brassica crops                                                                                            


Dr. Curt A. McCartney PhD. (Manitoba)
328 Agriculture Building

  • Wheat breeding and genetics
  • Genetic mapping and DNA marker development
  • Genetics of resistance to plant pathogens and insects                                           
  • Fusarium head blight
  • Rust diseases
  • Orange wheat blossom midge                                                                                    


Claudio Stasolla Ph.D. (Calgary)
Acting Department Head

225 Agriculture Building 
(204) 474-6098
Stasolla Home Page

* Physiology and molecular biology of embryogenesis
* Abiotic stress response in crops 
* Molecular mechanisms regulating oil quality in canola



Dr. Robert Hill

Dr. Peter B.E. McVetty



Kristen MacMillan   
MacMillan home page

113 Agriculture Building
(204) 474-9884        
  •   Applied soybean and pulse agronomy and cropping systems                         


 Dr. Ana Badea          Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
 Brandon, MB
Dr. Maria Antonia Henriquez
 Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
 Morden, MB
Dr. Colin Hiebert   Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
 Morden, MB
Dr. D. Gavin Humphreys  Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
 Ottawa, ON.
Dr. Mark C. Jordan  AAAFC - retired
Dr. Santosh Kumar Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Brandon, MB
R. James Larsen  Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
 Lethbridge, AB
Dr. Brent McCallum  Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
 Morden, MB
Dr. Malcolm Morrison         Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Ottawa, ON
Dr. Dean Spaner Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutritional Science
University of Alberta
Dr. Ljilana Tamburic-Ilincic  Ridgetown Campus
 University of Guelph
Dr. James Tambong
 Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
 Ottawa, ON
Dr. Frank You  Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
 Ottawa, ON
Dr. Xiben Wang                                  Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
 Morden, MB
Jochum Wiersma     Northwest Research and Outreach Center
Crookston, MN











Dr. Ahmed Abdelmagid  208 Agriculture Building Dr. Fouad Daayf
Katherine Stanley  304 Agriculture Building Dr. Martin Entz

Dr. Mohamed Samir Youssef

315 Agriculture building Dr. Claudio Stasolla

Dr. Zhongwei Zou
327 Agriculture Building Dr. Dilantha Fernando



NAME                                    LOCATION             SUPERVISOR 
Dr. Eman Elkhateeb Dr. Claudio Stasolla
Dr. Navneet Brar  
 117 Agriculture Building  Dr. Yvonne Lawley
Dr Mohamed ElShetehy 207 Agriculture Building Dr. Fouad Daayf
Dr. Shuang Long Huang  211 Agriculture Building  Dr. Dilantha Fernando
Dr. Farnaz Kordbacheh  117 Agriculture Building  Dr. Rob Gulden
Dr. Murali Koramutla  CTC Building

 Dr. Belay Ayele

Dr. Abbot Oghenekaro  327 Agriculture Building  Dr. Dilantha Fernando
Dr. Anh Pham  Crop Technology Centre  Dr. Belay Ayele
Dr. Mohammad Sayari  Dr. Fouad Daayf









NAME                                            LOCATION                                             SUPERVISOR 
Terrance Anseewu  Ian N. Morrison Research Farm
 Carman, MB.
 Alvin Iverson
Eppie Austria   247 Agriculture Building
 The Point
 Dr. Anita Brule-Babel
Cathy Bay 
 Plant Science Greenhouse  Rob Visser
Stephanie Dheilly   The Point  Dr. Yvonne Lawley
Kelsey Dickson 106 Agriculture Building  Dr. Rob Duncan
Becky Dueck 
 116 Agriculture Building  Dr. Rob Gulden
Candace Ellis                                  Greenhouse  Dr. Rob Duncan
Brodie Erb   The Point  Kristen MacMillan
Mike Erb   The Point  Dr. Rob Duncan
Codi Hennan   The Point  Dr. Yvonne Lawley
Ralph Kowatsch   334 Agriculture Building  Dr. Rob Duncan
Aihua Liu    Crop Technology Centre  Dr. Belay Ayele
Roger Larios   The Point  Dr. Anita Brule-Babel
Mary Meleshko 
 The Point  Dr. Anita Brule-Babel

Dr. Mohammed Mira

 315 Agriculture Building  Dr. Claudio Stasolla
Judith Nugent-Rigby   329 Agriculture Building  Dr. Rob Duncan
Paula Parks 
 203 Agriculture Building  Dr. Dilantha Fernando
Kaitlyn Pidherny 247 Agriculture Dr. Anita Brule-Babel
Pawanpuneet Kaur Rehal   017 Agriculture Building  Dr. Fouad Daayf
Ishan Kandanpita Samaranayake   The Point  Kristen MacMillan
Ardelle Slama   112 Agriculture Building  Dr. Doug Cattani
Rob Visser 
 The Point  Dr. Rob Duncan
Debbie Witko   106 Agriculture Building  Dr. Rob Duncan
Zesong Ye  247 Agriculture Building  Dr. Anita Brule-Babel



Martha Blouw  
 222 Agriculture Building
(204) 474-8223                                
 Administrative Assistant
 (Graduate Program)

Amanda Bonne 

222 Agricultue Building
(204) 474-8224 
 Office Assistant 
Melisa Choptiuk 222 Agriculture Building
(204) 474-8224
Office Assistant

Christy Doyle
(Photo not Available)

222 Agriculture Building
(204) 474-8221

Bev Godard  

222 Agriculture Building
(204) 474-8563  
 Secretary to Department Head 


Allison Paulusma
(Photo not Available)


 222 Agriculture Building
(204) 474-8226
 Administrative Assistant