Dr. A. Rodas-González

Ph.D. (Texas Tech University)

Assistant Professor
Meat Science and Food Safety

Room 229, Department of Animal Science, Faculty of Agricultural & Food Sciences, University of Manitoba.
201 Animal Science/Entomology Building - 12 Dafoe Road
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 2N2, Canada

Telephone (204)474-9523
Fax (204)474-7628
Email: Argenis.RodasGonzalez@umanitoba.ca

Research Interest

  • Ante- and post-mortem factors drive the meat color and palatability attributes.
  • New packaging technologies to improve meat colour.
  • Carcass grading and meat quality/tissue composition and nutrient composition.
  • Shelf life and safety of meat products.
  • Consumer evaluation of meat products.

Current Research Project

  • Biochemical study of rapid discolouration mechanisms in Bison meat.
  • Carcass and meat quality outcomes associated with fetal programming.

Recent Publications

Peer-reviewed journal articles

N. Huerta-Leidenz, A. Rodas-González, A. Vidal, J. Lopez-Nuñez and O. Colina. 2016. Carcass cut-out value and eating quality of longisssimus muscle from serially harvested savannah-raised Brahman–influenced cattle and water buffaloes in Venezuela. Animal Production Science. 56:2093-2104.

Ding, C., Rodas-González, A., López-Campos, Ó., Galbraith, J., Juárez, M., Larsen, I. L., Jin, Y. and Aalhus, J. L. 2016. Effects of electrical stimulation on meat quality of bison strip-loin steaks and ground patties. Canadian Journal of Animal Science. 96: 79–89.

Shaimaa Hatab, Renata Athanasio, Richard Holley, Argenis Rodas-González, and Claudia Narváez-Bravo. 2016. Survival and Reduction of Shiga Toxin-Producing Escherichia coli in a Fresh Cold-Pressed Juice Treated with Antimicrobial Plant Extracts. Journal of Food Science. 81:M1987-M1995.

Claudia Narváez-Bravo, Argenis Rodas-González, Chunming Ding, Oscar López-Campos, Jayson Galbraith, Ivy L. Larsen, Jin Ye, Dan Siegel and Jennifer L. Aalhus. 2016. Effects of novel nitrite packaging film on the bacterial growth of bison strip-loin steaks. Journal of Food Processing and Preservation. Accepted for publication.

Journal extension articles

Argenis Rodas-González. 2016. Mitigating and recovering value of dark cutting beef. Cattle Country, Manitoba Beef Producer. September, pp.11. http://www.mbbeef.ca/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Cattle-Country-Sept-Lowres.pdf

Congress proceedings and abstracts

L. Arenas de Moreno, N. Huerta-Leidenz, N. Jerez-Timaure, A. R. Rodas-González. 2016. Establishing the relationship between mineral content and palatability attributes of ribeye steaks from savannah-fed Brahman-influenced cattle. No. 106. AMSA’s 69th Reciprocal Meat Conference. June 19-22, 2016. San Angelo, TX, Nebraska, USA.

Shaimaa Hatab, Renata Athanasio, Argenis Rodas-González, Richard Holley and Claudia Narváez-Bravo. 2016. Shiga-toxigenic Escherichia coli Survival in Commercial Cold-Pressed Fresh Juice and Its Reduction Using Antimicrobial Plant Extracts. P3-155 IAFP 2016, Jul 31 - Aug 3. St. Louis, Missouri.

Recent Presentations and Lectures

A. Rodas-González. 2016. Mitigating and recovering value of dark cutting beef. New and Emerging Research Session. Prairie Livestock Expo. December 14th, 2016. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Graduate Students

Vipasha Sood, M.Sc. candidate
Dipana Maharjan, M.Sc. candidate

FOOD 1000 - Food Safety Today and Tomorrow
AGRI 1510 - Production Distribution and Utilization of Agricultural Products
FOOD 3500 - Processing of Animal Food Products
FOOD 7260 - Advanced Meat Science
ANSC 4560 - Issues in Animal Agriculture (Co-instructor)

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