Retired Academic Staff
Name Position Research Interests
Dr. Susan Arntfield  
(204) 474-9866
Professor Emeritus Utilization of pulses and oilseeds.
Dr. Walter Bushuk     Professor Emeritus  Cereal chemistry: structure, inheritance, and functionality of wheat proteins; wheat variety identification; frozen doughs; wheat gluten production and uses.
Dr. James Friel
(778) 352-1091
Senior Scholar     Nutrient Interventions
Dr. Rick Holley    
(204) 474-9601
Distinguished Professor Emeritus Microbial ecology of food spoilage; meat, poultry, dairy; food safety
Dr. Arnie Hydamaka    
(204) 474-9642
Senior Scholar Food Processing
Dairy Processing
Water Use and Treatment in the Food Industry
Dr. Michael Trevan
(204) 474-8232
Dean Emeritus