Academic Staff
Faculty Member Teaching Areas Research Interests
Dr. Michel Aliani
(204) 474-8070
Metabolomics; Flavour Chemistry and sensory evaluation of functional foods Nutritional Metabolomics; Mass Spectrometry and NMR Techniques (HPLC, GC-MS, LC-QTOF-MS; LC-NMR)
Dr. Rotimi Aluko
(204) 474-9555
Food Chemistry Chemistry of food Proteins; Bioactive peptides in health and disease prevention; Functional foods and nutraceuticals
Dr. Harold Aukema
(204) 474-8076
Nutrition; lipids Nutritional Science; early dietary interventions in disease; renal cell culture; diet and intracellular signaling; supplements and renal disease
Dr. Nandika Bandara


  Food Chemistry; Bioresource technology; Material Science; and Nanoscience
Dr. Trust Beta
(204) 474-8214
  Antioxidants in foods and human health; plant polyphenols; carbohydrate chemistry

Dr. Snehil Dua
(204) 474-6505
*Not accepting graduate students

Dr. Peter Eck
(204) 272-1506
Molecular Nutrition, Genetics, Genomics, Scientific Work Molecular Nutrition

Dr. Michael Eskin
(204) 474-8078
*Not accepting graduate students

Basic foods; food chemistry Effect of processing on food quality
Kristin Hildahl-Shawn
(204) 474-6985
*Not accepting graduate students
Dr. Jim House
(204) 474-6837

Department Head
Nutritional Biochemistry Protein metabolism; Role of macronutrients in homocysteine metabolism
Dr. Filiz Koksel
(204) 474-6486
  Controlling and manipulating process parameters in order to produce high quality foods that safe, nutritious and palatable.
Dr. Christina Lengyel
(204) 474-9554
Management for nutrition professionals; Nutrition and older adults Determinants of food intake in long-term care; Body image and baby boomer women; Nutrition in end of life care; Nutritional risk of older men

Dr. Maneka Malalgoda

  Grain chemistry and processing
Dr. Mohammed Moghadasian
(204) 235-3934
Lipoprotein Diet, lipoprotein metabolism and coronary artery disease
Dr. Semone Myrie
(204) 474-7290
Nutrition and Foods, Sports Nutrition Nutrition and Developmental origins of adult diseases, Nutrition and Inherited metabolic diseases
Dr. Claudia Narvaez
(204) 474-6658
 Food Microbiology; Food Safety and Quality; Food Product Development The development of suitable pre-harvest and post-harvest interventions to reduce the presence of pathogenic organisms in the food continuum.
Dr. Natalie Riediger
(204) 480-1323
  Food and nutrition policy, food security, social nutritional epidemiology, Indigenous health, and health equity

Dr. Harry Sapirstein
(204) 474-6481   
*Not accepting graduate students

  Grain chemistry and processing; wheat quality for breadmaking, structure and composition of gluten proteins; bran composition and antioxidants
Dr. Martin G. Scanlon
(204) 474-6082
  Food processing: physical and structural changes in plant materials during processing; size reduction operations
Dr. Joyce Slater
(204) 474-7322
Applied and community nutrition Food Literacy
Food and nutrition security
Nutrition surveillance
Public health nutrition
Dr. Miyoung Suh
(204) 474-8651
Clinical Nutrition Nutrition and visual function; Nutrition, alcohol and reproductive function
Dr. Carla Taylor
(204) 258-1361
Macronutrients; Nutrition and Disease Nutrition and Immune Function; Dietary Fats and Diabetes
Dr. Usha Thiyam-Holländer
(204) 474-9976
Functional Foods Process technology and optimization of plant proteins. Minor components and value addition of canola oils. Lipid oxidation, Functional Foods.