Awards and Scholarships

Food Science students are eligible for a number of University of Manitoba and Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences scholarships and bursaries. In addition, there are several scholarships awarded within the department and a number of national and international scholarships for which Food Science students are eligible.

Entrance Scholarship

As a result of funding from the Guelph Food Technology Centre (GFTC), the University of Manitoba is offering scholarships up to $8,000 each ($4,000 in the first year with the potential for renewal in the second year) to high school students with an interest in pursuing a degree in Food Science in the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences. Students need to apply for these awards. See full details here.

Internal Scholarships

The following scholarships are available to students in the Food Science program. None of these scholarships require a special application, all students enrolled in the program who have met the criteria for each award are automatically considered.

Undergraduate scholarships include:

  • Catherine Reimer Memorial Scholarship ($100) Highest mark in FOOD 2508 and continuing in program.
  • Manitoba Egg Producers Scholarship ($300) Highest mark in BIOE 3530, FOOD 2500 and FOOD 3010 and continuing in program.
  • George Weston Scholarship ($4000). High academic performance, community involvement, excellent communications skills and outstanding abilities. (Application required in May)

Graduate Scholarships include:

  •  James. W. Barlow Graduate Fellowship (based on interest earned) (Application required)
  • Garson N. (Gerry) Vogel Memorial Award (Ph.D. in Food and Nutritional Sciences)
  • University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship (UMGF) (MSc and PhD)  Information can be found at the Faculty of Graduate Studies award page The department application for the current year can be downloaded here.

 External Scholarships

The following are scholarships that students in the Food Science program are eligible for due to the fact that the Food Science program is accredited by the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) and is recognized by the Canadian Institute of Food Science and Technology (CIFST).          


  • American Association of Cereal Chemists (AACC) Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship Program ($1,000-$2,000 US). There are 15 awards available annually for students having an interest in cereal-based food science, have high academic standing and are continuing in the program. (Application required – March)
  • CIFST Scholarship Trust Inc. ($1000) There are 10 awards available for distribution to the eight recognized food science programs in Canada. – Application required
  • CIFST Undergraduate Research Award ($1000) One award for Canada – based on presentation of research results at a CIFST conference.
  • IFT Undergraduate Scholarships ($1000-$2250 US) There are more than 100 scholarships available under this program to students in IFT accredited programs. This includes awards for students entering first year, second year third year or fourth year. Applications are required and they are due in February and March depending on year in the program.


  • AACC Graduate Fellowship Program ($2,000- $3,000 US). Fifteen awards available for graduate students working on grain-based, including oilseeds, food science and technology.
  • CIFST – George Weston Ltd. Graduate Student Scholarship ($1800 -$3500). Two awards, one M.Sc. ($1800) and one for Ph. D. ($3500) for graduate students in a Canadian University based on academic performance and merit or research. (Application required – April)
  • CIFST – Fred Thompson Award (FICS Scholarship Trust) ($2000-$3000) Three awards given across Canada (Application required – Mid March).
  • CIFST – Dairy Farmers of Canada Award ($3000) One awarded across Canada (Application required).
  • CIFST – IUFoST Graduate Travel Award One awarded in Canada – by application in years when IUFoST has meetings.
  • CIFST – 3M Scholarhip ($4000). One awarded in Canada. Application due in March.
  • IFT Graduate Scholarships ($1000-$5000) There are 33 graduate scholarships available to students conducting fundamental studies in Food Science and Technology. (Application required - March).
  • Canadian Meat Science Association – Percy Gitelman Memorial Scholarship ($2000 + travel expenses to attend annual meeting) One for a Food Science Student studying meat science (Application required – October).
  • Canadian Meat Science Association- CMC Associate Members Scholarship ($2000 + travel expenses to attend annual meeting) One for a Food Science Student studying meat science (Application required – October).