Food Industry Option Practicum

HNSC 4364 Food Industry Option Practicum
In the final year of the program, students will gain practical experience in the food industry through completion of HNSC 4364 Food Industry Option Practicum. This course involves supervised application of food quality, safety, and management principles in a commercial or government setting. Students will complete 280 hours of work related to the field experience. Given the intensive experience and time commitment, students should be prepared to take no more than this course in the term in which it is offered (fall and winter terms at present; summer is a possibility).

FIO placements in the past 4 yrs.

1. Food Development Centre, Portage la Prairie.

Food Product Development and Sensory Evaluation
Food Industry Management

2. Maple Leaf Foods

Quality Assurance

3. Sysco

Food Industry Management

4. City of Snow Lake Water treatment plant

Quality Assurance

5. Food Industry, Dijon, France

Food Product Development

Application Form and Course Outline