Undergraduate Programs in Food Science

The Department offers a four-year undergraduate program leading to a Bachelor of Science in Food Science [B.Sc.(F.S.)] degree. All courses in first year and some in second year are prescribed. The remainder of the second-year courses and all in the third and fourth years are related to the major field of Food Science.

All students in first year must take the following required courses:

introductory agriculture, and

Course descriptions, prerequisites and other pertinent information are available from the University of Manitoba General Calendar.  

Information on admission to our undergraduate program

Undergraduate Courses (Follow .pdf link for Course Outline)

FOOD 1000 Food Safety Today & Tomorrow (.PDF)
FOOD 2500 Food Chemistry (.PDF)
FOOD 3010 Food Processing I (.PDF)
FOOD 3160 Frozen Dairy Products (.PDF)
FOOD 3170 Cheese & Fermented Milk Products (.PDF)
FOOD 3210 Food Engineering Fundamentals (.PDF)
FOOD 3220 Grains for Food and Beverage (.PDF)
FOOD 3500 Processing of Animal Food Products (.PDF)
FOOD 4010 Food Processing II (.PDF)
FOOD 4120 Food Science Seminar (.PDF) 
FOOD 4150 Food Microbiology I (.PDF)
FOOD 4160 Food Analysis I (.PDF)
FOOD 4200 Quality Control in Foods (.PDF)
FOOD 4230 Food Research (.PDF)
FOOD 4250 Food Analysis II (.PDF)
FOOD 4260 Water Management in Food Process (.PDF)
FOOD 4310 Introduction to Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) (.PDF)
FOOD 4500 Food Safety and Regulations (.PDF)
FOOD 4510 Food Product Development  (.PDF)
FOOD 4540 Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals (.PDF)

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