What some of our graduates are doing now...
Nikki DonaldHNS Grad: Nikki Donald
Employer: Pulse Canada
Position Title: Food Product and Recipe Developer
Work Description:
I am responsible for developing and testing new pulse-based recipes, generating new product ideas, and marketing pulses throughout North America. Pulses' are the edible seeds of legumes, like lentils, beans, peas and chickpeas.
I started out wanting to be a dietician, but then I took courses like Food Product Development, Food Prep & Preservation, and Sensory Evaluation, and they led me to new and exciting opportunities. I came to realize I didn’t want to work in a hospital, where most dietitians are placed, and I also didn’t want to tell people what to eat. I always loved going into supermarkets and learning about the new products available; the Foods option courses lead me down a whole new route that’s brought me to Pulse Canada today.
My future plans include being a Food Stylist, working in Food Advertising, and definitely continuing to have fun developing and testing new recipes. Taking the Foods route in Human Ecology gave me the opportunity to learn about good handling practices, while food safety gave me good food experience that’s helped me in my career.

Can-Oat MillingHNS Grad: Kelly Henderson
Employer: Can-Oat Milling, Portage La Prairie, MB
Position Title: Technical Services/Research and Development Manager
Work Description:
I am responsible for developing new oat-based food products and working with both the Marketing and Customer Service departments. I introduce new technology related to product and process development work. I also oversee product development with the Marketing and Customer Service departments as well as work with a team on production systems (from concept development to successful implementation).
When I was a student in Human Ecology, I wasn’t very clear about goals beyond knowing that I wanted to learn more about the human body. Over time, I came to realize that I wasn’t interested in a job where I was responsible for telling people what to eat, so I changed my focus to the food industry – where people who have knowledge about both food and science are always in demand.
Because Can-Oat’s focus is the production of healthy, nutritious food products that are oat-based, all my human nutrition courses and food-science-related courses (from the cooking projects to the theory about food and sensory analysis) have all been useful to me over the years.
Research & Development remains my primary focus, and I’d like to work more in the area of food product development with Can-Oat’s major accounts research teams.  I am interested in spending less time on plant-specific issues and more on new products and customer R&D.

Hilary MorriceHNS Grad: Hilary Morrice
Employer: Pfizer Canada
Position Title: Pharmaceutical Sales Representative
Work Description:
I work to keep my customers informed about the products, providing them with the latest research, medication dosing, new indications, diagnosis tools, and patient support materials, so that they can make well-informed decisions when treating their patients. I also plan lunch- and evening-time programs for healthcare professionals to promote education around a disease state or topic of interest. Ultimately, I am working to improve the health of Canadians.
I have a large territory that includes parts of Manitoba and Ontario; I am responsible for making my own schedule to ensure that I see my customers on a regular basis. I order and track my samples, record call notes, and complete general administrative work. There is no office in Winnipeg, so I work out of my home. I am usually out during the day, seeing customers and addressing their needs.
I first started thinking about exploring options beyond being a dietitian when the subject came up in Judy Fowler’s Food Preparation & Preservation class. One day, she shared with us that she was also working as a food stylist – making food and presenting it in the most appealing way to be photographed; she made it clear that there are other options for HE students. She encouraged us to explore all our options. In addition to that, I have a friend with whom I taught at the gym, who is in Pharmaceutical sales, and she mentioned it to me. She thought that the combination of my Commerce degree and my Human Nutritional Sciences degree made for a perfect fit in this industry.

CIGIHNS Grad: Kristina Pizzi
Employer: Canadian International Grains Institute
Position Title: Technician, Analytical Services
Work Description:
My work involves analyzing grain, flour and special crops; preparing data reports; and assisting in applied research projects. I conduct analysis of grain, flour and special crops for CIGI’s technology sections and for in-kind or fee-for-service clients. I collect test results and prepare accurate data reports. I also providing practical demonstrations as part of CIGI programs and conduct tours for visitors to CIGI. I participate in technical activities with other research labs and professional associations as part of my job, as well.
I originally went to school to become a dietitian.  Before I started Human Ecology I had no idea about the foods side.  After taking a few classes in the foods option, I decided I was more interested in that than telling people what to eat. In addition, I realized I didn’t want to work in a hospital.
My career goals are to continue working in the grains industry and to increase my knowledge of wheat and special crops.