Communications Outreach

CanU Canada is an afterschool mentoring program that introduces under resourced Winnipeg youth to the dream of a post-secondary education.  They provide multi-week programming where local children and university student-mentors build positive relationships and participate in a variety of educational experiences hosted by partnering faculties at the University of Manitoba.  Please click here for further information.

Home Economics Connections Club (HECC) is a student group at the University of Manitoba collectively working toward developing skills and making connections related to the field of Home Economics.  They maintain relationships with Manitoba Association of Human Ecology (MAHE), the Association of Canadian Human Ecology Students (ACHES), and the University of Manitoba for the development and preservation of the integrity of Home Economics.  Click here to stay connected!

Nutrition Education and Community Outreach (NECO) is a student group at the University of Manitoba working collectively towards promoting nutrition related topics on campus and in the community by supporting Food and Human Nutritional Science Students with relevant information, resources, and networking opportunities.  NECO maintains a Nutrition Education Library, a free education resources lending library for FHNS students, faculty, and staff members.  Click here to visit the NECO webpage! Click here for more information about the Nutrition Education Library.