Resources and Policies

Animal Ordering Form
All animal ordering requires completion of the Animal Order Form. Please note, if additional details are required, the animal user is permitted to edit the Animal Order Form, or utilize their own order form, provided it contains all of the same information as the Animal Order Form. Users must also ensure that the form has sufficient space for the Animal Care Committee approval stamp.

Nutrition Lab Analysis Request Form
This sample submission form must be completed prior to beginning any Nutrition lab analysis.

Faculty Biosecurity Protocol
This protocol document defines agricultural biosecurity principles and procedures aimed at minimizing the spread of plant and animal pests and/or harmful biological entities.

New Staff/Student Onboarding
This document serves as a general training reference for all new Department of Animal Science staff and graduate students.

Animal Science Safety Manual
The Department of Animal Science strives to maintain a safe environment and relies upon each individual to use due diligence when working or studying in the various lab spaces.  People who are aware of their responsibilities and who undertake tasks with due caution are critical to a safe working environment.

Animal Science Graduate Student Stipend Policy
This Policy outlines the stipends for M.Sc. and Ph.D. students in Animal Science.