T.K. Cheung Centre for Animal Science Research

The T.K. Cheung Centre for Animal Science Research was officially opened on July 2, 1992, and was made possible through funding support from the Manitoba government, various agricultural industries, and individual donors. Formerly called the Animal Science Research Unit (ASRU), the centre was renamed on July 21, 2006, in recognition of the generous contributions made by Dr. T.K. Cheung to the department of animal science, the faculty of agricultural and food sciences and the University of Manitoba.

The T.K. Cheung Centre can accomodate beef and dairy cattle, sheep, and swine. The building is divided into two wings with the feed storage and handling area in the centre. Cooler and freezer space hold samples prior to processing.

The south wing is used primarily for swine research in the areas of nutrition, immunology, behaviour and welfare, reproduction, and manure management. The animal rooms are environmentally controlled, and contain flexible penning that can be removed to accommodate metabolism crates.

The north wing contains animal rooms that are designed to handle cattle, complete with metabolism stalls. Flexible space that can be configured for metabolism trials with swine or can be set up with individual pens is also available. The animal and procedures rooms in the north wing have been modified to accommodate studies with Risk Category Level II organisms. This new capacity allows researchers to acquire knowledge pertaining to how diet and management interact to influence microbial populations, including pathogenic organisms, in ruminant and non-ruminant digestive tracts.

The centre is also used extensively for teaching and training of undergraduate and graduate students and for visiting scientists. The modern and flexible facilities are used to facilitate laboratory classes, individual training programs, and institutional animal care training programs. Additionally, it is used to facilitate the extension and outreach activities of the department of animal science and the faculty of agricultural and food sciences. Students from local and visiting elementary and high schools visit the centre to gain an appreciation of the importance of research to healthy, safe food and to animal heath & welfare.

Dr. Martin Nyachoti - Facility Director

Robert Stuski - Animal Care. Agricultural Attendent IV

Telephone: (204) 474-9422