Instructions for Ordering of Animals
  • All animal ordering requires completion of the Animal Order Form (updated November 2020). Please note, if additional details are required, the requester is permitted to edit the form, or utilize their own order form, provided it contains all of the same information as the animal order form. Users must also ensure the form has a dedicated space for departmental signature. Upon completion, submit the form electronically to Charlene Hawryluk in the general office.
  • Upon approval, this form will be signed and returned to the requester. The approved form must be included with the order for animals (typically done through EPIC).
  • The requester MUST contact Charlene Hawryluk to confirm when and how many animals have been received upon their arrival.
  • Please note, receiving/shipping of animals is not permitted until facility attendants receive a copy of the approved form. This includes the receiving/shipping of animals from/to the TK Cheung Centre, Glenlea Research Station and Poultry Barn.