Alumni Feedback


Curtis Sawatzky, MSc 2013
Policy Analyst, Canadian Canola Growers Association

"The Department gave me a diverse set of skills and knowledge of economics, business, and agriculture that set me apart from others in the work force.”

Juanita Teullet Rafajlovic, MSc 2009
Economist, Economic Market Analysis, Strategic Policy Branch, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada

[the] "Professors' knowledge and expertise in their specialized fields, combined with the wide array of research projects available, makes the department a great place to start one's development towards a successful career. . . . Personally speaking, the time I spent in the department was without a question a valuable and unique learning experience, the benefits of which I continue to realize on a daily basis throughout my work."

Collin Gyles, MSc 2009
Manager, Wolf Trax Inc. Innovative Micronutrients

"My time in the Department of Agribusiness and Agricultural Economics was a great learning experience. . . my close interaction with the faculty helped me gain valuable research experience which has been useful in my career."

James Young, MSc 2008
PhD Candidate, Purdue University
"Even though the Department is smaller, this provides students with a great advantage . . .
The professors in the Department are its best resource because they are fully committed to working with students, to see them grow and succeed."

Janelle Mann, MSc 2008
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Economics, University of Manitoba

"I fondly remember going for coffee with the professors and fellow MSc students where discussions ranged from current topics in the agriculture industry to coursework, thesis writing, and PhD schools. . . I was given the opportunity to work as a research assistant on various projects. This taught me how to work independently and as part of a team. Also, I was given the opportunity to teach weekly tutorials in econometrics and financial risk management which has helped me to develop and improve my teaching and communication skills. The combination of being a research assistant and a teaching assistant has helped me adapt to life as a PhD student."



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March 1, 2013 (International)
June 1, 2013 (Canada and US)