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The Department focuses on the business and economics of agriculture and food including: marketing, finance, trade, risk management, financial markets, resources, environment, international development, econometrics and food and agricultural policy. Students embark on careers linked to above following graduation. Some choose further study and research in the Masters Degree program in the Department or in graduate programs at other institutions.

A highlight of the Faculty Agribusiness Program is the ongoing development of international exchange programs, which provide opportunities for students to take a semester of study at a university outside Canada, and transfer credit for approved courses to their programs at the University of Manitoba. During such exchanges students remain registered, and pay current tuition, at the University of Manitoba. Over the last ten years, selected students have taken part in study tours and/or exchanges to highly regarded universities in the United States, and Sweden, depending on the projects available. From time to time, funding may also be provided to cover part of the costs of travel and expenses.”


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