B.Sc. Student Advising and Forms

Student advising sessions for registration are generally
held around late March each year, and information will be provided each year to students as to dates they will be held

Undergraduate Student Advising Form

The first spreadsheet contains 3 tabs: the undergraduate student advising form,
a typical student progression, and an Agribusiness free elective course list.

All forms are electronic and can be filled in on computer. Remember to save the form under a new name.
Students should download the above forms, and fill them out as best they can.
1. Undergraduate advising form
2. 2nd year or 3rd year approval, depending on which year you are entering
3. After filling out these forms, then a student would attend an advising
session in late March, (or else arrange to meet with an advisor at another time if unable to attend).
The student would then take their signed approval form to the Student Services Office Room 160 Agriculture Building ,
and have their registration block removed, and then they would be able to register for courses.


For more information, contact the Student Program Advisor:
Dr. Gary Johnson
Office: 379 Agriculture Building
Telephone: (204) 474-9795(204) 474-9795
Email: Gary_Johnson@umanitoba.ca