Glenlea Swine Research Unit

The Glenlea Swine Research Unit is comprised of two 130-sow farrow-to-finish production units and an off-site AIAO (all-in-all-out) research barn, constructed as part of the infrastructure for the National Center for Livestock and the Environment (NCLE) in 2005/2006.

The conventional barn operation is a based on a liquid/slurry manure system with pigs housed on total or partially slatted concrete floors representative of the majority of current commercial pig housing.

The alternative barn operates on a solid manure system for breeding/gestation and grow-finish phases of production.

Part of the NCLE concept embraces the comparison of these two manure systems as part of the whole farm ecosystem. Management and pig genetics in each barn are identical to facilitate meaningful comparisons of the housing systems.

The sow herds are kept in group housing except during farrowing and for specific research projects requiring individual accommodation. Nursery rooms and grow-finish areas are designed to duplicate commercial operation but have the flexibility to accommodate research requirements applicable to the pork production industry. Research areas include nutrient utilization, reproduction, animal environment and housing, behaviour, and welfare. Additionally, long-term research involving the cycling of nutrients and microbes through the farm ecosystem incorporates the conventional and alternative barns into the models.

Animal Care Staff:
Donald Chaput- Unit Supervisor
Archie Isit

Telephone: (204) 770-2137