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    • Letter of Accomplishment in Introductory Business Accounting

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    Program length

    • 2 courses, 6 months to 2 years

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    Program features

    • For Canadian citizens and permanent residents
    • Part-time, online

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    Program fees

    • Total cost: $1,420 plus $100 non-refundable application fee
    • Each Course: $710

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    Learn to stay on balance

    The business world isn’t black and white. It’s black and red. Numbers matter. Get a stronger command of business through an understanding of basic accounting principles and managerial finance from the Introductory Business Accounting program.

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    Learn basic accounting and financial management

    This program includes two courses. Introductory Accounting for Business provides an understanding of basic accounting principles. Financial Management seeks to introduce students to the broader field of managerial finance. There are also two recommended tutorials, one for each course.

  • Budget planning

    Learn terminology, prepare budgets and more

    Learn to identify and apply the terminology used in both financial and managerial accounting, prepare budgets for planning and control purposes and evaluate and interpret a company’s general purpose financial statements. Identify the core areas of Corporate Finance and how they relate to a company’s ability to operate and apply valuations methods to value projects.

Program details

This program is for Canadian citizens and permanent residents. Information for international students who wish to study with us can be found at Intensive Program Packages.

Credential: Earn a University of Manitoba Letter of Accomplishment in Introductory Business Accounting.

Fees: $1,420 plus $100 non-refundable application fee

Expected duration: 2 courses, 6 months to 2 years

Application requirements: Grade 12 diploma or equivalent, or mature student status.  If primary language is not English, proof of English proficiency is required.

Keep learning: Apply the courses in this LOA towards a Certificate in Management and Administration.

Program courses

Determine the courses you will need to complete this program.

Required courses

Course number Course name Contact hours Term(s) offered
FINC 0200 Introduction to Accounting for Business 36 Winter, Summer, Fall
FINC 0300 Financial Management 36 Winter, Summer, Fall

Recommended tutorials

Course number Course name Term(s) offered
FINC 0800

Introductory Accounting for Business Tutorial

* FREE to support success in FINC 0200

Winter, Summer, Fall
FINC 0802

Financial Management Tutorial

* FREE to support success in FINC 0300

Winter, Summer, Fall

How to apply

Complete and submit your Application Form (PDF):

  • Save to your computer before filling out the form.
  • To register for individual courses, please visit Courses.

Learn more about the program

  • “With accounting, it’s like teaching a language. You’re teaching the language of business… Accounting is kind of a dry subject. It’s exciting when you get to the real world and you are putting it to practical use.

    “In FINC 0200, we go from basic accounting to managerial accounting where we help managers with their decisions. In FINC 0300, a corporate finance course, we’re dealing with more advanced types of topics on how corporations finance their activities.”

    Frank Nowak
    Introductory Business Accounting, Instructor

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