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    • Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Aerospace Program Management

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    Program length

    • 11 months to 3 years

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    Program features

    • For Canadian citizens and permanent residents
    • Part-time, in a cohort

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    Program fees

    Program not accepting applications

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    Advance in the aerospace industry

    Direct your focus on advancing in the aerospace industry if you are, or plan to become, a manufacturing production and operations manager, product or process design leader, or procurement and logistic support professional. Direct your degree towards Aerospace Program Management and direct your future to a new elevation.

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    Understand the life cycle of an aerospace system

    With this advanced credential, you’ll develop an understanding of the complete life cycle of an aerospace system—from initial identification of system requirements; to the product design, manufacturing processes, financial and marketing imperatives; to ongoing product employment, maintenance and sustainment. It’s designed for current and future project, production and operations managers, product and process design leaders and procurement and logistics specialists wishing to enter the field, broaden their aerospace perspectives or advance their career in the aerospace industry.

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    A unique program

    This program is unique in Manitoba and one of very few Aerospace-related programs in Canada. A mix of students from different sectors (industry manufacturing/MRO, Air Force, government, academia) provides a dynamic and diverse classroom setting. Degree courses are taken with students in the MA and MEng aerospace streams. It is offered on a cohort-based schedule and can be completed in a minimum of 11 months.

Program details

This program is for Canadian citizens and permanent residents. Information for international students who wish to study with us can be found at Intensive program packages.

Credential: Earn a University of Manitoba Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Aerospace Program Management.

Fees: Program not accepting applications

Expected duration: 11 months to 3 years, in a cohort

Application requirements: Students must have a minimum three-year undergraduate degree in any discipline from a recognized institution or an equivalent combination of college and professional education as well as a minimum three years of professional and/or management work experience.

Program courses

Determine the courses you will need to complete this program.

Courses are offered on a cohort based schedule. The Capstone Course is taken last. The Capstone course is a project designed specifically to apply and showcase the skills you learned in the other courses in the program.

Required courses

Course number Course name Contact hours
OPM 4620 Production Management Seminar in Aerospace Life-Cycle Management
Offered through the Department of Supply Chain Management, the aim of this course is to explore the application of analytical methods in production and operations management with emphasis on planning and control. The course will give prominence to the use of the analytical methods within the aerospace life-cycle management setting.
OPER 0300 Aerospace Systems Analysis
The aim of this course is to introduce the key system imperatives and elements in the design of air and space vehicles. Students will develop an appreciation for the characteristics of the aerospace environment and its effect on the design of aerospace vehicles, and on the interplay between system employment, design and cost. Learn the fundamentals of writing Request for Proposals, proposals and contracts.
POLS 4160 Aerospace Industry Analysis
Offered through the Department of Political Studies, this course will explore the structural, regulatory and political aspects of today’s aerospace industry, with a heightened focus on its global nature. We will examine the critical linkages between operators, manufacturers and government regulators, and the existing and necessary government-business relationships.
MECH 4330 Aerospace Program Management and Systems Engineering
Offered through the Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, the aim of this course is to introduce the fundamental concepts of program management and systems engineering as they pertain to building an aerospace system. We will examine the dynamics of managing the wide-ranging considerations, stakeholders, and activities involved in a complex development and design activity, and in the pursuit of system and cost optimization.
OPER 0400 Aerospace Project Management
Project management involves the planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling of resources and processes to produce a unique product, service or result. They are temporary endeavours where the coordinated management of quality, time and cost is essential for success. This course explores the practice and issues of project management in an aerospace context; a notably complex and demanding context.*MGMT 0500 Project Management Essentials is an eligible transfer credit towards OPER 0400
MGMT 0500 Project Management Essentials (or an external project management course)
Take a look at an entire project, from planning stages to implementation, with this online course. Take advantage of the increasing need for professionals with project management skills by learning the terminology, tools and techniques required to take a project through all process phases from initiating to planning, executing, monitoring and controlling through closing. This course is designed to build your confidence and raise your chances of passing the Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam.
OPER 0500 Individual Aerospace Applied Project – Capstone Course
This is the final course to be completed in program.The aim of this course is to integrate the material covered in the previous courses through an applied project of one’s own choice. The project can either be focused on a current aerospace development initiative or a critical review of a historical one. The applied project will require the student to write a proposal, collect and analyze data, and write a final report. This capstone course will provide the student with the opportunity to not only synthesize the material presented elsewhere in the program, but also to connect with, and make a valuable contribution to, a specific project and/or industry player.

Elective courses

Choose one.

Course number Course name Contact hours
MGMT 0140 Introduction to Marketing
Understand what marketing is and is not, how it can help you in your career, and the role of marketing in companies and in our economy. The course will provide you with a basic understanding of the concepts, terms, and theories of marketing. Learn how to segment markets, develop marketing strategies, and how to deal with uncontrollable elements.
MGMT 0190 Quality Assurance Planning
Develop a basic understanding of quality assurance concepts and their applications in the service and manufacturing sectors. Reviewed from a management perspective.
MGMT 0192 Quality Improvement: Principles and Procedures
An introduction to statistical quality control techniques and how these techniques are used in practice. Concepts and procedures can be applied to both manufacturing and service industries.
OPER 0902 Special Topics: Emerging Issues in Aerospace
Today’s aerospace industry is one of the most complex, demanding and regulated industries in the world, and stands as a global leader in research, development and innovation. This course explores selected topics associated with the design, production, operation and sustainment of aerospace systems.
MGMT 0292 Understanding the Business Case for Advanced Manufacturing
The Fourth Industrial era has begun. Powered by artificial intelligence, robotics, intelligent integrated computer systems and other new technologies, this new industrial revolution is fundamentally changing manufacturing and the workplace. Participants in this course will learn about the value and limitations of these powerful new technologies and how they might be applied to solve a range of real-world business and manufacturing problems. Aimed at industry stakeholders contemplating the integration of next generation technology, this course provides the core tools and technological literacies needed to help participants begin to assess risk and sharpen strategy and business case development.

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