Message from our Dean, Stephan Pflugmacher-Lima

Dear All, 

At Convocation time, we congratulate all our graduating students as we mark an important academic achievement in your life. For us it was a pleasure and a privilege to guide you through your studies and to contribute to your life and success. So go out in the world and do well, or even better, do good. Have faith in yourself and your knowledge. We are proud and happy to be see you move into prominent positions with novel ideas and enthusiasm.  

Thank you for choosing and trusting our Faculty of Environment, Earth, and Resources to underpin your life’s journey; we know that you’re just getting started. Thank you for respecting and embracing what we offered you. I’m sure you will become all that you dreamt you can be. This journey with you was incredible and we welcome you back on many and varied returns. 

Sincere and hearty thanks to our faculty community for their contributions to your success.