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Core Members

    • BLAKELY, Brian , Professor
      Home Dept:   Otolaryngology, Otologic & Neurotologic Surgery
      Research Interests:   Effect of steroids in ear drops in protecting against ototoxicity, Prevention of age-related hearing loss with Omega-3 fatty acids, Evaluation of nerve growth factors in hearing restoration, Prevention of totoxicity of aminoglycoside antibiotis, etc.

      DHINGRA, Sanjiv, Associate Professor
      Director, Canada Italy Tissue Engineering Program
      Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences, St. Boniface Hospital Albrechtsen Research Centre
      Home Dept:  Regenerative Medicine Program, Dept of Physiology and Pathophysiology
      Research Interests:  Focused on various aspects of cardiac regeneration and myocardial tissue engineering using stem cell-based and biomaterials-based approaches to restore function following a cardiac injury.

      ESKICIOGLU, Rasit, Associate Professor
      Home Dept:   Computer Science & Electrical and Computer Engineering
      Research Interests:  Computer systems; Systems software; Operating systems; Distributed, cluster and grid computing; High speed network interconnects, Mobile networks, and Pervasive computing. I am currently looking at wireless sensor networks (WSNs) and their applications to real world problems.

      FIGLEY, Chase, Associate Professor
      BME Liaison & Outreach, BME Seminars
      Home dept: Radiology
      Research Interests:  Image Processing, Cerebral Blood Flow (CBF), Neurometabolism, Cognitive Neuroscience and Disease Related Cognitive Decline, Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI), Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI), Multiple Sclerosis (MS), T2 Myelin Water Imaging (MWI), Voxel-Based Morphometry (VBM)

      FRANCA, Rodrigo, Associate Professor
      Division Head (Dental Materials)
      Home Dept: Restorative Dentistry
      Research Interests:   Biomaterials, Dental Biomaterials, nano-surface characterization, biocompatibility

      GOERTZEN Andrew. Associate Professor
      Home Dept:   Radiology
      Research Interests:   Medical Physics, Positron emission tomography (PET), Multimodality imaging including PET/MRI and PET/CT, Instrumentation for nuclear medicine imaging, X-ray computed tomography, Pre-clinical Imaging, biomedical physics

      GOUGH, Kathleen, Professor
      Home Dept: Chemistry
      Research Interests:   Spectrochemical imaging of tissues with infrared and Raman spectroscopy, Alzheimer Disease, fungi, fungal infection of grain, stressed tendon, inflammation, wound healing, spectrochemical wide-field tissue imaging.

      KO, Ji Hyun, Associate Professor
      Home Dept: Human Anatomy and Cell Science
      Research Interests:   Brain Imaging and TMS, focusing on the analytic method development of functional brain imaging (e.g., positron emission tomography and magnetic resonance imaging) to study brain network and neurotransmitter in health and diseases (e.g., Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, posttraumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury)

      LITHGOW, Brian, Adjunct Professor
      Home Dept Electrical and Computer Engineering
      Research Interests:   Vestibular system, Neurological disorders, Electrovestibulography, Electroneurophysiology, Diagnosis of Psychiatric Disorders, Cochlea, Otolaryngology, Auditory Neuroscience, Electric Stimulation.

      LIU, Song, EIT, Associate Professor
      Home Dept:   Biosystems Eng./Medical Microbiology
      Research Interests:   Development of novel surface engineering techniques for chemically inert semicrystalline polymers,Development of new biocompatible and biocidal materials,Micro- and nano-encapsulation of bioactive agents for their targeted and controlled delivery.   SPECIALTY: Synthesis of broad-spectrum biocides and study of the mode of action of those biocides


  • LoVETRI, Joe, P.Eng., Professor
    Home Dept:     Electrical & Computer Engineering
    Research Interests:   Computational Electromagnetics, Microwave Imaging, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Electromagnetic Compatibility, Visualization of 3D time domain vector valued fields, oncology, biomedical image construction, applied electromagnetics

    LUO, Yunhua, P.Eng., Professor
    Home Dept:   Mechanical Engineering
    Research Interests:   Computational Biomechanics, brain injury analysis and protection, assessment of fracture risk related to osteoporosis, implant analysis and design, Meshless Methods, General Finite Difference Method, Finite Element Method, Adaptive algorithms in FEM; Structural Analysis with FEM

    MILLER, Donald, Professor
    Home Dept:    Pharmacology and Therapeutics
    Research Interests:   Neuropharmacology; blood-brain barrier function; drug delivery

    MOUSSAVI, Zahra, P.Eng., Professor
    Director Graduate Program in Biomedical Eng.
    Director of rTMS Lab, Riverview Health Center
    Director of Electrovestibulography Lab at Riverview Health Center
    Research Affiliate, Riverview Health Center
    Research Affiliate, Aging Center of University of Manitoba
    Home Dept: Electrical and Computer Engineering
    Cross-appointed: Department of Psychiatry
    Research Interests:   Respiratory and swallowing sounds analysis, sleep apnea, Alzheimer diesease early diagnosis and treatment, Balance and Postural Control, Development of Assistive Aid Technologies, Electromyographic study of skeletal muscles, Telemedicine

    PISTORIUS, Stephen, Professor
    M.Sc. (Med) Ph.D. (Physics), Dip.BA, P.Phys., FCOM
    Vice Director, Graduate Program in Biomedical Engineering
    Home Dept: Physics and Astronomy
    Research Interests:  Biomedical Imaging, Patient and Organ Motion, Treatment Simulation, Radiation Therapy Treatment Optimization, Image Processing and Reconstruction

    SHERIF, Sherif, P.Eng., Associate Professor
    BME Member-at-Large
    Home Dept: Electrical and Computer Engineering
    Research Interests:  Biophotonics, Tomography, Optical coherence tomography (OCT), Optical & fluorescence microscopy, Tissue optics, Integrated computational imaging, Digital image restoration, Statistical signal processing, Laser spectroscopy, Biomedical Image Construction, Infrared and Optical Spectroscopy, Signal Processing.

    UNGER, Bertram, CLSF Research Director
    Vice Director, Graduate Program in Biomedical Engineering
    Home Dept:    Otolaryngology (Ear Nose and Throat)
    Research Interests:    Critical Care Medicine, Medical Simulation and Education, Medical Imaging and Ultrasound, Haptic Simulation, Psychophysics of Human Perception, Virtual Reality, Robotics and Teleoperation.

    ZEILER, Frederick A., Associate Professor
    Rudy Falk Clinician-Scientist Professor
    Director of Research -- Neurosurgery
    Assistant Professor (GFT), Sect of Neurosurgery, Dept of Surgery
    Assistant Professor, Dept of Human Anatomy & Cell Science
    Research Affiliate, Centre on Aging
    Guest Researcher, Div. of Anaesthesia, University of Cambridge
    Home Dept:    Surgery: Neurosurgery and Anatomy & Cell Science
    Research Interests:    Cranial Neurotrauma, Neurocritical Care, Multi-modal invasive/non-invasive cranial physiologic monitoring, cerebrovascular reactivity, signal analysis, time-series statistical methodologies, big data


Adjunct Members

  • ALBENSI, Benedict, Associate Professor
    Home Dept:   Pharmacology and Therapeutics
    Research Interests:   Identify molecular signalling pathways and mechanisms that could be targeted with promising therapeutics for enhancing memory and for preventing and/or reversing memory impairment

    ASHRAF, Ahmed, Assistant Professor
    Home Dept:   Electrical and Computer Engineering
    Research Interests:    Biomedical image analysis, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Computer Vision. My long term research aspiration is to let machines gain faculties that put them at par with humans in terms of performing tasks in which humans currently outperfom the machines.

    BYAGOWI, Ahmad, Adjunct Professor (External)
    Home Dept:   Biomedical Engineering


    CHOUKOU, Mohamed-Amine, Assistant Professor
    Home Dept:   Occupational Therapy
    Research Interests:   Focuses on the ways smart technologies and services can enhance the quality of life of people living with disabilities including physical or cognitive impairment. He is currently developing and implementing ambient assisted living solutions (Smart Home, in-home telemonitoring), apps for caregivers, and telerehabilitation platforms

    GHAVAMI, Saeid, Assistant Professor
    Home Dept:   Human Anatomy and Cell Science
    Research Interests:    Developing new therapeutic approaches in lung cancer, cardiopulmonary diseases, and infection disease based on modification of apoptosis, autophagy, and unfolded protein response (UPR) pathway.

    GLAZEBROOK, Cheryl, Associate Professor
    Home Dept.   Kinesiology & Recreation Management
    Research Interests:  Motor control and learning. Motor skill assessment and movement performance in individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Relationships between perception and action in typical and clinical populations. Influence of multisensory stimuli on movement performance. Eye-hand coordination

    IRANI, Pourang, Professor
    Home Dept.   Computer Science
    Research Interests:  Visual & Ubiquitous Analytics. Mobile User Interfaces. Augmented/Virtual/Mixed Reality Interaction. Pervasive Health. Information Visualization. Input Devices.

    JAFARI-JOZANI, Mohammad, Associate Professor
    Home Dept.   Statistics
    Research Interests:  Data-centric approaches for developing fundamental theories, new methodologies and computational tools to solve problems of relevance in a variety of application domains. This includes research contributions involving life sciences, medical research, statistical learning with high dimensional data and its applications to sustainable energy, electrical engineering, robotics for dentistry, neurosurgery, and rehabilitation.

    KELLY, Debbie, Professor
    Home Dept.   Psychology
    Research Interests:   The evaluation of cognition, focusing primarily on spatial and social cognition -- how aging and the underlying mechanistic changes affect orientation and navigation

    KIDANE, Biniam. Associate Professor
    Home Dept.   Dept. of Surgery
    Cross Appointments:

    • Community Health Sciences, Max Rady College of Medicine
    • Physiology & Pathophysiology, Max Rady College of Medicine

    Research Interests: 

    • Inflammatory response to intra-operative ventilation and lung surgery
    • Inflammatory response and risk of metastasis
    • Inflammatory mechanisms of treatment-related lung injury
    • Health-related quality of life in esophageal cancer


    KONG, Jiming, Professor
    Home Dept.   Human Anatomy & Cell Science
    Research Interests:   He seeks to understand molecular regulation of neuronal cell death in neurodegenerative diseases.  Together with his lab group, using in vivo and in vitro models of stroke, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia, and depression, he examines the role of post-translational oxidative modification of SOD1 in the development of age-related neurodegenerative diseases.D r. Kong’s lab group has also been testing a demyelinating hypothesis of schizophrenia.

    LEVIN, David, Professor
    Home Dept.   Biosystems Engineering
    Research Interests:  https://www.researchgate.net/scientific-contributions/David-B-Levin-38997369

    LIN, Francis , Professor
    Home Dept.   Physics & Astronomy
    Research Interests:  Our focus is on better understanding the cellular mechanisms regulating cell migration and trafficking. We leverage microfluidic devices in combination with cell biology, immunology and modeling approaches in our studies. In addition, we are developing microfluidic tools for a range of biological and biomedical applications through collaborations.


    MAGHOUL, Pooneh, Assistant Professor
    Home Dept:   Civil Engineering
    Research Interest:     Computational Mechanics, Mechanics of Multiphase Porous Media, Fundamental Behaviors of Geomaterials, Multiscale Modeling, Wave Analysis, Geohazards (landslide, earthquake, and climate change), Northern Infrastructure, Permafrost, Renewable Geothermal Energy, Non-Destructive-Testing Techniques, Soil-Structure Interaction, Bio-Inspired Solutions Toward Sustainable and Smart Geotechnics






  • MARTIN, Melanie, Professor
    Director, Magnetic Resonance Microscopy Centre, Co-Director, The University of Winnipeg Brain Imaging and Metabolic Research
    Home Dept/Univ: Physics, Univ. of Winnipeg, Radiology, Univ. of Manitoba
    Research Interests:  developing new magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) techniques to infer the sizes of micron-scale compartments, such as axon diameters, high resolution multi-contrast methods to understand brain structure (partnering with Cubresa, Inc.), simultaneous positron emission tomography (PET)/MRI methods. Partnering with SCHI and SCHERI, and a new intraoperative MRI system.


    MASHREGHI, Zeinab, Associate Professor
    Home Dept/Univ:  Mathematics & Statistics, Univ. of Winnipeg
    Research Interests:   Sampling Methodology, Bootstrap, Imputation, Variance Estimation. Main research interests include sampling theory, especially in the fields of non-response, resampling methods, imputation, and variance estimation.

    McCURDY, Boyd, Assistant Professor
    Head of Radiation Oncology Physics Group
    Home Dept:   Radiology, Medical Physics
    Research Interests:    In vivo patient radiation dosimetry using exit imaging, Exit dosimetry, Adaptive radiation therapy, Optimization in radiation therapy, Real-time tumour tracking.

    MENDELSON, Asher, Assistant Professor
    Home Dept:  Medicine;  Immunology
    Research Interests:    Hemodynamic monitoring. Sepsis, Microvascular physiologye, Shock and resuscitation science, Animal models of critical illness

    NG, Marcus, Associate Professor
    Home Dept: Internal Medicine (Neurology)
    Research Interests:    REM sleep, epilepsy, and seizures

    OLIVEIRA, Alcyr Alves de, Professor
    Home Dept/Univ.: Psychology,  (UFCSPA) Universidade Federal de Ciências da Saúde de Porto Alegre, Brazil

    SALIMI, Elham,  Assistant Professor
    BME Seminar Coordinator
    Home Dept:   Electrical & Computer Engineering
    Research Interest:    We are a multidisciplinary research group at the University of Manitoba developing lab-on-a-chip devices for biological and biomedical applications.

    SERLETIS, Demitre, Associate Professor
    Director of Epilepsy Surgery
    Residency Program Director, Section of Neurosurgery
    Investigator, Children's Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba
    Home Dept: Neurosurgery
    Research Interest:    Neuroengineering

    SHAFAI, Cyrus, Professor
    Associate Dean (Research/Graduate Programs)
    Home Dept:  Electrical & Computer Engineering
    Research Interest:    MEMS technologies and actuators, process simulation, micro-sensors, electric and magnetic field sensors, smart agriculture sensors, RF MEMS and engineered surfaces, MEMS optics and adaptive optics, microfluidic cooling, genetic algorithms for MEMS design, and biomedical micro-devices.

    SHAH, Ashish H., MD, MD-Research, FRCP (UK)
    Consultant Interventional Cardiologist
    St Boniface Hospital & University of Manitoba
    Home Dept:  Max Rady College of Medicine - Internal Medicine
    Research Interest:   Hemodynamic evaluation and structural – congenital heart disease interventions. His research focuses on the principle of “precision medicine”. His research incorporates invasive and non-invasive means of hemodynamic evaluation to identify outcome-associated markers that can be incorporated into the routine clinical management to identify high-risk individuals. Current research project investigates patients with ST elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI; or heart attack) and heart failure.


    SIDDIQUI, Tabrez, Assistant Professor
    Home Dept: Physiology & Pathophysiology
    Research Interests:    Interested in learning how nerve cell connections known as “synapses” form and function in the developing and adult brain. Synapses are the fundamental units for information processing in the brain. Evidence from genetic studies, animal models and post-mortem human tissue indicate impairment of synapse development and synaptic dysfunction in neuropsychiatric disorders such as autism and schizophrenia.

    STECINA, Katinka, Associate Professor
    Home Dept:   Physiology & Pathophysiology
    Research Interests:    Sensory motor integration is what I study in order improve our understanding on the neuronal control of movement. The function of spinal networks is the focus of my research, but I use various means to study how specific brain centres control spinal neurons. Currently, I used rodent models for studying interactions between the sensory and the motor neuronal networks. In addition, I am in the process of establishing another line of research for the functional mapping of human spinal circuits.

Affiliate Members

  • CAMORLINGA, Sergio, Associate Professor
    Home Dept. & University:  Applied Computer Sci., University of Winnipeg
    Research Interests: Complex systems in health


    GAAMANGWE, Tidimogo
    Acting Regional Director, Clinical Eng. Pgm
    Acting Technical Director, Diagnostic Imaging Program
    Research Interests:   Systems approach in complex systems, healthcare technology patient oriented research, patient safety, biomedical engineering education, cardiovascular physiology and devices, immunology of blood-biomaterial interactions, in vitro flow models and blood rheology.

    GIESBRECHT, Edward M., Assistant Professor
    Home Dept: College of Rehabilitation Sciences
    Research Interest:   Use of assisted technologies and participation; Wheeled mobility and participation; Effectiveness of wheelchair skills training with older adults.

    KO, Alex C-T., Adjunct Professor
    Home Dept:    Electrical and Computer Engineering
    Team Lead & Research Officer at National Research Council Canada
    Research Interest:   Biophotonics, Non-linear Optical Microscopy, Multiphoton Microscopy, Raman spectroscopy and coherent anti-Stokes Raman Imaging, Fluorescence spectroscopy and imaging.

  • MILLIKIN, Colleen, Assistant Professor
    Home Dept: Clinical Health Psychology
    Research Interests: Differential diagnosis of dementia, nonpharmacological treatment for dementia

    POOYANIA, Sepideh, Assistant Professor
    Home Dept:   Internal Medicine
    Research Interests:  https://www.researchgate.net/scientific-contributions/Sepideh-Pooyania-2145054935

    WANG, Xikui, Professor
    Home Dept:  Statistics
    Research Interests:  Biostatistics, Response Adaptive Clinical Trials (Ethics, Statistical Design and Analysis), Sequential Design of Experiments, Bandit Processes, Markov Decision Processes, Mathematical Finance, Dynamic Pricing and Revenue Management

    YADOLLAHI, Azadeh, Scientist
    Home Dept & University: Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, University Health Network, University of Toronto
    Research Interest:  Biomedical signal processing, sleep apnea, asthma.


Professors Looking for Students

Several of our faculty members (Academic Advisors) are actively seeking graduate students to work with them on their research.   Bellow, are some of the professors who have offered descriptions of the research being conducting as well as qualities they may be trying to attract. 

Other professors (see the listings of Academic Advisors) on this page may not have given us description but are still looking for students.  Please feel free to contact all professors who may fit your background or research interest...

Good luck and we hope to see you soon.


Amine Choukou -- Post-Doc Needed

We are recruiting a postdoc with experience in rehabilitation technology research, with a PhD in Electrical or Computer Engineering or other relevant discipline. The position will be in the College or Rehab sciences / https://rtlab.ca/

Dr. Amine Choukou


Post-Doctoral Fellow This postdoc position mainly require a set of working knowledge at the intersection between aging, technology and service delivery. We are seeking a motivated individual to undertake an exciting multi-disciplinary research project in emerging area of Ambient Assisted Living. This is a full-time position in the College of Rehabilitation Sciences, for a one-year period, and could be extended one year depending on performance and availability of funds. The postdoc is expected to start in early 2022. Retained candidate are welcome work with Dr Choukou on securing funds to extend the Postdoc stay.

Work Environment The postdoc fellow will be involved in the space/research work conducted in:

1) The Rehab Technologies Lab (www.RTLab.ca) involving a team of 1 postdoc and 5 graduate students and research assistants and including multiple sensing modalities, telemonitoring systems and VR spaces.

2) The College of Rehabilitation Sciences Smart Suite, located at HSC Respiratory Rehab Hosp.


  • PhD in Electrical or Computer Engineering or other relevant discipline.
  • Experience in rehabilitation technology research.
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced and multidisciplinary environment
  • Outstanding and demonstrated skills writing manuscripts and submitting documents to peer-reviewing agencies/journals/conferences.
  • Demonstrated proficiency conducting quantitative (sensor-based data) and qualitative data collection.
  • Demonstrated proficiency conducting data analysis (Excel, SPSS, etc.).
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Ability to work with a high degree of independence and initiative.
  • Ability to make and adhere to self-imposed timelines.

Compensation: Competitive. To be negotiated. Interested candidates should submit their application (a cover letter, curriculum vitae, two recent publications, and the contact information of at least two academic references) to Dr. Amine Choukou

[1] : Amine.Choukou@umanitoba.ca ; Tel: 1-204-789-3412 [1] Dr. Amine Choukou is Assistant Professor in the department of Occupational Therapy at the College of Rehabilitation Science (75% time protected for research) and Adjunct Professor at the Biomedical Engineering Program (University of Manitoba). He is a Research Affiliate with the Centre on Aging, Riverview Health Centre and the Quebec Rehabilitation Research Network (REPAR). His research focuses on the interaction between environmental factors and quality of life and social participation of vulnerable persons.

Dr. Choukou’s webpage: http://umanitoba.ca/rehabsciences/choukou-amine.html



Rasit Eskicioglu

My research interests are primarily in Experimental Systems. I am interested in computer systems; systems software; operating systems; distributed, cluster and grid computing; high speed network interconnects, mobile networks, and pervasive computing. Most recently, I am looking at wireless sensor networks (WSNs) and their applications to real world problems indoor localization, monitoring, and tracking; and Internet of Things (IoT). My current projects are:

  • Gait monitoring and analysis thru Body Area Networks
  • Integrating WSN to Building Information Models
  • Object localization, tracking, and monitoring in built environments

Song Liu

The Liu Group has openings for self-motivated PhD students. The positions involve research on the synthesis of novel antimicrobial magnetic nanoparticles, the synthesis of block-polymer based nanoparticles with selective binding affinity with bacteria and the fabrication of core-shell nanofibrous membranes for targeted and responsive drug delivery.

Katinka Stecina

I am currently accepting applications from qualified students for MSc studies. Current research projects are in the following areas:

  • Mature spinal networks in rodents
  • Key serotonergic neurons involved in walking
  • The role of connexin36 in the mature nervous system
  • Propriospinal networks contributing to locomotor activity generated in the lumbar spinal cord
  • Human electrophysiology research

Hagar Labouta

There are current opportunities for graduate students in the area of nanomedicine with projects focusing on the use of nanoparticles to breach the biological barriers. Students with prior research experience/publications and experience in cell culture techniques are encouraged to apply.

Hagar Labouta #02 -- Graduate Student or Postdoc

Available Position for a Graduate Student or a Postdoctoral Fellow in Nanomedicine and Microfluidics

We are looking for a passionate graduate student or a postdoctoral fellow to work in a friendly and a collaborative environment under supervision of Dr. Hagar Labouta, Assistant Professor at the College of Pharmacy, University of Manitoba, Canada.

This is a funded position for an interesting project on understanding nanoparticle interactions with the placenta using dynamic organ-on-a-chip models. Candidates should have a background on microfluidics and/or molecular biology and/or biomedical engineering. Experience with cell culture techniques is advantageous. Experience in nanoparticle design is an asset but not mandatory. The ideal candidate should have high degree of motivation, organization, work ethics, independency and teamwork.

The College of Pharmacy at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Canada has a long history of excellence in pharmacy education and research. It is a part of the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Manitoba, situated on a dynamic campus that provides opportunities for interprofessional collaboration in health sciences research and education. Winnipeg is the largest city in the Province of Manitoba. The city has a rich cultural environment, including the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, symphony, opera, theatre, and ethnic festivals. Besides supporting professional hockey, football, and baseball teams, the region provides ample opportunities for outdoor recreation in all seasons.

Applications must be submitted by August 31, 2021, via email to hagar.labouta@umanitoba.ca and must include: full CV, a statement of intent, all transcripts, name and contact information of three academic referees (including previous supervisor, if applicable). Shortlisted candidates will only be contacted.

Frederick A. Zeiler -- both MSc and PhD

Currently there are opportunities for both MSc and PhD students in BME, with projects focused on cerebral physiologic signal acquisition and processing healthy and traumatic brain injury patients. Students with interests/backgrounds in engineering, signal processing, computer science, medical and biological sciences are encouraged to apply.

Tabrez Siddiqui

The Siddiqui laboratory is interested in learning how nerve cell connections known as “synapses” form and function in the developing and adult brain. Synapses are the fundamental units for information processing in the brain. Evidence from genetic studies, animal models and post-mortem human tissue indicate impairment of synapse development and synaptic dysfunction in neuropsychiatric disorders such as autism and schizophrenia.

Asher Mendelson

This is an exciting opportunity that provides experience in critical care, biomedical optics, microvascular physiology, and signals analysis. The student will have exposure to the clinical environment at Health Sciences Centre in the Intensive Care Unit. The project will utilize non-invasive tissue spectroscopy for microvascular perfusion monitoring, using first-in-Canada equipment. Student must be comfortable with programming (MatLab, Python, R).

Contact Us

Graduate Program in Biomedical Engineering
Room E2-390 EITC
75 Chancellor's Circle
University of Manitoba (Fort Garry campus)
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 5V6

Monday to Friday, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm