Jo Young is currently the Acting Department Head of the Department of Educational Administration, Foundations & Psychology at the Faculty of Education at the University of Manitoba. 

After completing his undergraduate degree and initial teacher preparation in England, Dr. Young taught geography and economics at the high school level in Bermuda before coming to Canada to complete and M.Ed (Queen's University) and Ph.D (OISE). He then taught for three years at the College of the Bahamas/University of the West Indies before coming to the University of Manitoba in 1985.

In the Faculty of Education, Dr. Young served two terms as the Department head of the Department of Educational Administration, Foundations & Psychology (1998 - 2007), as well as Associate Dean (1994 - 1996), and Acting Dean (January - July 2009). He was appointed Professor Emeritus in 2016.   

Recent publications include: 

Wallin, D., Young, J., & Levin, B. (2021). Understanding Canadian Schools: An Introduction to Educational Administration (Sixth Edition).

Elnagar, A., & Young, J. (2021). International education and the Internationalization of public schooling in Canada: Approaches and conceptualizations. Canadian Journal of Educational Administration & Policy, No.195. 80 - 94. 

Yoon, E., Young, J. & Livingston, E. (2020). From bake sales to million dollar fundraising campaigns: The new inequity. Journal of Educational Administration & History, 52(1), 25 - 38. 

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