FAQs about vaccines

If you have further questions, please email safereturn@umanitoba.ca.

Are vaccines safe?

Yes. All approved vaccines are safe. Health Canada reviews the safety and effectiveness of all the COVID-19 vaccines and has determined through rigorous testing that the available vaccines are all safe and effective in preventing severe outcomes and death from COVID-19.

Are the vaccines effective against COVID-19 variants of concern?

The variants of concern (VOCs) that have been circulating in Manitoba and around the world are serious and have shown to increase rates of infection and hospitalization in younger populations. Early evidence suggests that vaccines are effective in preventing severe outcomes due to COVID-19 VOCs.

Are vaccines free?

Yes, all vaccines in Manitoba (and Canada) are administered free of charge.

Is getting two different COVID vaccines safe?

Yes. Not only is it safe, but it may even be more effective. Those who received the AstraZeneca as their first dose may receive either of the mRNA vaccines for their second dose, with some data noting that a stronger immune response occurs with an mRNA vaccine as the second dose after the AstraZeneca first dose. 

Also, the mRNA vaccines can be mixed, in that if your first dose was with the Pfizer vaccine, you can receive the Moderna vaccine for your second dose and vice versa. We still expect a strong immune response with mixed mRNA vaccine doses. 

The interchangeability of vaccines is nothing new and has been practiced for several decades with many existing non-COVID vaccines and is known to be safe and effective. 

Can international students get vaccinated in Manitoba?

Yes. Many pharmacies and medical clinics are now offering the COVID-19 vaccine. For a complete list of locations and which vaccine is currently available, use the interactive map at https://manitoba.ca/covid19/vaccine/finder.html

The vaccine will be provided at no cost and some form of government-issued ID such as a passport will have to be presented to receive the vaccine.

Book a vaccine appointment

Pop-up vaccine clinic 

The clinic will offer COVID 19 vaccine and flu vaccines. No appointments are necessary, and COVID-19 vaccines for children are also offered.


Wednesday, Feb. 1 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Multi- purpose room (MPR), 2nd floor of UMSU University Centre, Fort Garry campus. No appointment necessary.

UM is offering vaccine shots on campus

University Health Service is currently offering vaccines to the general public by appointment only by calling 204-474-8411, Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 3:45 p.m. For more information, refer to University Health Service.

Book your COVID-19 booster shot

All adults (age 18+) can receive a booster shot (third dose) of a COVID-19 vaccine and it is strongly recommended to receive your booster as soon as you are eligible. Boosters are available at any location that offers the COVID-19 vaccine. At least a four-month timeframe between second and third doses is recommended. Visit the Province of Manitoba website for eligibility criteria and information on where to book a vaccine.

University Health Service is offering both Pfizer and Moderna boosters. Call 204-474-8411 to book an appointment.

Vaccine resources

The following links to the Province of Manitoba website provide up-to-date information: 

Helpful vaccine videos

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