What is UMPlan?  

 UMPlan, the University of Manitoba's NEW planning and budgeting tool, is used to establish and maintain the operating budget model. The budgeting process is a continuous cycle and UMPlan offers you the ability to implement and monitor the current year’s budget while planning for the future within your Faculty or Unit. This system allows you to prepare and manage both compensation & non-compensation budget information and access various reporting options.  


Employees who are responsible to prepare, manage or contribute to the budgeting process for their Faculty or Unit may require access to UMPlan. Access is limited to individuals with key roles in the budgeting process as this is a licensed product.

Visit the Aurora Finance Security Access page if you need to request access to the system.


All employees who require access to UMPlan should receive training on the system prior to logging in. Visit the Aurora Finance Training page to see what and when training options are available.


Contact Aurora Finance Customer Service at 204.480.1001 ext. 5 or email for assistance with the system functions and processes.

Documentation to assist you through the system processes is available to you on the Aurora Finance Manuals & Resources webpage


To log in to the system, please select the link below:

Access UMPlan