Transaction Details

To display a listing of all expenditure transactions processed against a FOP or combination of FOAP elements.

Query the Transaction Details report, as follows:

  • From the Main Menu, enter the Fund and Orgn you would like to view.
  • To restrict the listing to Expenditure Accounts, enter the range 600:810 in the Acct field.
  • Select the Period from the drop-down list. 
  • Select the Transaction Details report from the Report drop-down list.
  • Select ENTER to run the report.
  • The Filter Options tab will open to select the Fiscal Periods in the From and To drop-down lists.
  • Click Execute Report

The report will display with a list of all transactions for the Period you selected.

View the Transaction Detail Excel Template/Macro to format your Excel output into a more manageable list of transactions for reconciling.