Navigate to the JV Pages


A Journal Voucher form is used to enter journal entries (i.e. correcting/adjusting entries) as well as interdepartmental (ID) charges. In Banner, there are two different pages available for entering Journal Vouchers:

  • the Journal Voucher Quick Page (FGAJVCQ)
  • the Journal Voucher Entry Page (FGAJVCD)

The Quick Page (FGAJVCQ) contains fewer fields than the Journal Voucher Entry Form, and will be used for most journal entries and ID Charges.

Navigating to the Journal Voucher Form (FGAJVCQ)

a) Search Field

After you’ve logged into Banner, the cursor will be blinking in the Search field.

Type FGAJVCQ and press the Enter key.



b) Using the Menu Panel


Applications Banner → Financial → General Ledger → General Accounting Transaction Forms


Click on Journal Voucher Quick [FGAJVCQ] to select it.