Find an In Progress JV

There are two ways to find an In Progress JV:

List of Suspended Journal Vouchers (FGIJVCD) - you can access this list in three different ways:

1.   Type FGIJVCD directly into the Search field.

2.   When in the FGAJVCQ or FGAJVCD page, place your cursor in the Document Number field and press the F9 key.

3.   In the FGAJVCQ or FGAJVCD page, select Copy next to the Document Number field. When the Copy window displays, select the Search icon  next to the Document Number field. Two page options will display; click on the Current Journals (FGIJVCD) option.

Journal vouchers on this page are listed alphabetically by Document number.


Each JV will have a status code of either:

  I (Incomplete) - The entry is still in progress and so edits can still be made.

  In progress journal vouchers cannot be posted, or

  C  (Complete) - The entry has been completed - edits are no longer possible.

  Completed journal vouchers can be posted.