Complete a JV

Once data entry for a journal voucher is finished or to exit from the journal voucher and leave it In Progress:

  • click the Next Section icon  (or press Alt+Page Down)


  • click Tools on the menu and select Access Completion.

The Completion section opens; there are two options available:

Complete - Click this icon to complete the journal voucher. Keep in mind that once this icon is selected, the balanced document is immediately sent to the posting process.

Note: It is not possible for anyone to edit a completed journal voucher. Therefore, if you need to make corrections to a JV or add anything new to it, you must process a new JV.

In Process - Click this icon to save the data without posting the record. You can add, delete, or modify transaction records as needed on In Progress journal vouchers.

If there are any errors with your JV, the Banner Error and Warning Messages window will open and inform you what they are.