Add Reference Codes to a JV


If you need to enter a Document Reference code on a JE or ID charge - for example, if the JV is referencing an invoice (Accounts Receivable or Accounts Payable), purchase order, or budget adjustment - you must use the Journal Voucher Entry Form (FGAJVCD).

If you prefer to use the FGAJVCQ page - or, after beginning a JV in FGAJVCQ, realize that you need to add a Document Reference code - once you finish entering the data, leave the JV In Progress. Then access it in FGAJVCD, where you can add your reference code and complete the document.

Data entry is done to the all of the same fields as on the Quick Form (with additional notation in the Document Reference field).

Once the JV is posted in Banner, the Document Reference will appear in the DocRefNum field in FAST.