Set Up My Banner


You can use the My Banner feature to create a personal menu of Banner forms that you access frequently. Follow the instructions below to create your My Banner list:

  1. Enter the form acronym GUAPMNU in the Search field. When you first access this form, all the Banner forms that you have access to will be listed on the left-hand side, alphabetically by their Banner description. You can click the Sort Objects button to sort them alphabetically by their form acronym.
  2. To add a form to your My Banner menu: From the list in the left-hand pane, double-click on the form’s acronym or description; once selected, its colour will change to blue. (You can add multiple forms before going to the next step.)
  3. When you have selected all the forms you wish to add, click the right-pointing arrow (Insert) icon; all the forms you selected will be added to the right-hand pane.
    Note: Do not use the right-pointing double arrow icon. This icon will try to add all objects in the list, not just the ones that you have selected, which will generate an error.
  4. To remove an item from your My Banner list, select it in the right-hand pane, and click the left-pointing arrow icon. You can remove all items from your My Banner list by clicking the left-pointing double arrow icon.
  5. Save and log out of Banner. Your My Banner menu will be updated the next time you log in.