Enter Transaction Detail on a JV

To access the Transaction Detail block from the Document Header, click the Next Section icon  , or press Alt+Page Down.

Status - The system updates this field after each transaction record is saved. You can save a record by:

  • clicking Save (or pressing the F10 key)


  • moving to the next record, either by clicking Insert icon  or pressing the down-arrow key.

Each record in the JV can have a value of:

Postable - the transaction can be posted

Error - an error condition caused an edit failure

NSF - an insufficient funds condition exists for the record

Sequence - The system generates and increases the sequence number field automatically. Press the Tab key to generate the first sequence number (1).

Journal Type - Enter the appropriate journal type - e.g. JE15, JE16, ID1D, etc. (see Journal Types).

Chart - Defaults to the current Chart of Accounts - chart M. Leave as is.

Index - Leave blank.

Fund - Enter a valid Fund code.

Search icon  - Click this icon to open a form where you can search for information related to the field - e.g. clicking the Search icon in the Fund field will open the Fund Code Validation table (listing of all Funds), allowing you to search for the desired Fund.

Organization - Enter a valid Org code.

Account - Enter a valid Account code.

Program - Enter a valid Program code.

Activity - Enter a valid Activity code, if applicable.

Location - Enter a valid Location code, if applicable (only required for capital equipment and building transactions).

Project - Leave blank.


Percent - Optional field. This is a percentage of the Document total for this record. If you enter an amount in this field, the Amount field will automatically be calculated and the appropriate figure will be shown.

Amount - Dollar amount of the accounting distribution.

Caution: Enter a value into either the Percent field OR the Amount field, but not both.

Debit/Credit - Values are Debit or Credit.

NSF Override - Leave blank.

Description - Enter a description (maximum 35 characters) for this record (line) of the journal entry or ID charge. Try to be as specific and detailed as possible, as this information will display in FAST.

Bank - Enter OC. This is required for JE16 and all ID charge journal types.

Currency - All transactions are in Canadian (base) currency; leave this field blank.

Leave all other fields blank.