Copy a JV

 Access the FGAJVCQ or FGAJVCD page. Select Copy next to the Document Number field.

 The Copy window will display.

 In the Copy From Document Number field, enter the number of the journal entry or ID charge you wish to copy. If you are unsure of the number, there is a search available, as follows:

Select the Look up icon next to the Document Number field.

You can choose to search in either the posted JVs listing (Posted Documents (FGQDOCN)) or the In Progress JVs listing (Current Journals (FGIJVCD)) by clicking on the appropriate list name.

Once you have found the JV you wish to copy, double-click on the document number to bring it into the Copy window.

 If you wish to also copy the text on the original JV, select the Copy Text box at the bottom right of the Copy window.

 Select OK.

The system will bring you back to the FGAJVCQ or FGAJVCD page with all information copied forward. Proceed with the document, changing any fields or text as required. Ensure that you Tab through all fields and records prior to completing the JV.