Mobile Device - Transfer of Ownership (University to Personal)

If you would like to transfer ownership of a University of Manitoba purchased mobile device to personal use, read these instructions:

1. Contact the IST Service Desk at 204-474-8600 or email They will forward your request to the Telephone Office who will help determine if we can process a transfer of ownership and will complete the necessary steps.

2. The Telephone Office will provide an Asset Transfer form that must be completed and signed by your department's signing authority.

3. If you are retaining the hardware associated with the number, you will need to visit the Service Desk at 123 Fletcher Argue (230 NJM Library on the Bannatyne Campus) to have the device wiped of any University of Manitoba data.

4. Once this has been completed, the form will be sent to the Information Security team for approval, then to the CIO for final approval.

5. After both approvals are granted, the Telephone Office will contact Bell Mobility to release the phone number and contract, and/or the mobile hardware. The Telephone Office will let you know when the transfer is approved.

6. Contact Bell Mobility and transfer the phone number and contract, and/or hardware to a personal Bell Mobility account. When you contact Bell to complete the transfer to a personal account, you will be prompted to choose a consumer plan. 

7. The University will still be responsible for charges and usage up until the date you take responsibility of the number.

8. Once completed, the monthly invoice will be forwarded to the address you provide directly from Bell.


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