Custody and Control of Electronic Devices and Media Process

The Custody and Control of Electronic Devices and Media Policy is in place to support the university to manage the risk of exposing the University’s electronic Data or licensed software programs to individuals or companies unauthorized to view or utilize the Data or programs and to manage the financial cost and risk associated with disposing of Electronic Devices. The procedures outline that computers, printers, memory sticks and mobile devices that store data shall follow the decommissioning process.

Select the appropriate option from the IT Service Catalogue (Service – Client Support & Technology) at to access the forms and submit a request to redeploy, decommission (recycle as e-waste), or donate (request a policy exception) an electronic device or media. Supplemental material:

University of Manitoba - Data Destruction Form
Data Destruction Form – Schedule 1: Lot Information
Data Destruction Form – Schedule 2: Lot Information Donation Form
Data Destruction Standard

FAQ's –

Question:  Does the Custody and Control of Electronic Devices and Media allow for home use of a computer after the user has left the University.?
Answer: No. The policy purposefully and specifically prohibits the sale or donation of personal computers to external parties. A person who is leaving or has left the University is regarded as an external party. The University does allow and has provisions for offsite use of University equipment by University employees.

Question: If we remove the hard drive or other media, can we donate computers?
Answer: The Policy prohibits donation of used computers, regardless of whether or not the drive/media is removed. The Policy does allow donations in exceptional situations with the approval of the CIO, IST. The Policy allows for exceptions where the goodwill outweighs the cost and risk associated with the donation. Use good judgment when determining whether to request permission to make a donation.

Question:  Does the Data Destruction Form accommodate “bulk” processing, i.e.  more than one computer on one form?
Answer: Yes. Schedules 1 and 2 provide a table to list multiple items associated with a single form.  All items on a form must be similar. For example, Report redeployed equipment separately from equipment that is being recycled. If further clarification is required regarding a specific situation, please contact the Service Desk before completing the form.

Question: To where/whom do I deliver or send the Data Destruction Form?
Answer: Deliver with the physical drives or scan and email the completed Data Destruction Form to the Service Desk ( Details for submitting the request are on the form.


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