VNC, Virtual Network Computing, provides cross-platform remote control over other computer sessions. You can control a Windows desktop from a window on a CDE desktop, a Linux desktop from a Windows desktop, etc.

This page discusses only the use of VNC on Solaris but the linked documentation discusses other platforms. TightVNC is installed on all of the main CCU login servers and can be downloaded from the TightVNC Website.


There are two components in a VNC session. The server and the client. The server is started on a system you wish to remotely control. The viewer is started whenever, and whereever, you want to control the remote system.

To start a VNC server, type vncserver at unix prompt. Start this on the machine you want to control later. The first time you start a server it won't actually start because you must supply a password to use later to connect to this server. You might not want to use your login password to increase your personal data security. After supplying the password start the server again. Take note of the hostname and display number, you will need these to connect with the viewer.

To connect to a VNC server, type vncviewer hostname:display# You may omit the hostname and display number and be prompted for it. If the server is accepting connections you will be prompted for the password you supplied the first time you started a server.

The password persists after you start your first server. In your home directory, a directory, .vnc, is created where your running servers are tracked and logs show the connections made to them. In this directory is also an encrypted version of the connection password. If you forget what it is, just remove the file. Next time you start a server you can set the password again.

Here are man pages available. Click on the buttons to view them:

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The vendor documentation is available here.
A short VNC how-to can be found here.



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