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Running MATLAB
Exiting MATLAB


B is an interactive program for numeric computation and data visualization. Academic Computing and Networking staff have little experience using this software, so users are urged to take advantage of the help information within the software, and the vendor's webpages:

The MathWorks home page
Financial products and services
Educational products and services

Running MATLAB

The MATLAB software runs in an X-windows environment. However, unlike many X-windows packages, it also uses the xterm or Shell Tool window to communicate with the user. If you intend to continue with other processing while running MATLAB, you may wish to open an extra window from which to launch the software. To start matlab use the command matlab as shown below:

>> matlab

< M A T L A B >
Copyright 1984-2005 The MathWorks, Inc.

Version (R14) Service Pack 3
August 02, 2005

To get started, type one of these: helpwin, helpdesk, or demo.
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Matlab will continue a dialogue with you using the terminal window from which you launched the software, while at the same time displaying graphics windows. Use the matlab command intro to see some of the capabilities of the software.

Exiting MATLAB

If you need to exit MATLAB in the middle of a dialogue, you may need to use CTRL-C to interrupt the process and get back to the >> prompt. This is likely to generate a few error messages.

To exit MATLAB from the >> prompt, enter:

    >> quit  

MATLAB exits with a cryptic message, such as:

    3784 flops.  

This refers not to failures, but to the number of floating point arithmetic operations performed by matlab.