Waterloo Maple is a general purpose Symbolic Computation System. In Maple, you now have all the features of the Windows version, including the Symbolic Spreadsheet, Smart Plots and real-time rotation of three-dimensional plots.

Maple 9's functions are documented at this page at MapleSoft's website.

Check out the new features of Maple 9 at MapleSoft's website.


The GUI version of Maple 9 can be started with

xmapleor xmaple9

The command line version of Maple 9 can be started with

mapleor maple9


Older versions of Maple are kept around. The table below shows how to invoke them.

Version Invoke with...
Maple 6 xmaple6or maple6
Maple 7 xmaple7or maple7
Maple 8 xmaple8or maple8