Applies Computation Fluid Dynamic technology to solve almost all fluid engineering problems.


Only 25% of CFX cost is carried by ACN and it has a limited number of licenses available. As of this writing there are 10. Please share. The remaining cost of CFX is borne by the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (MIE) Department and researchers.

There are two ways to set up access to the CFX software: permanent and temporary. If you use CFX regularly you may want to use the permanent way. The temporary way reduces clutter in your home directory but requires more typing each time you start CFX. Permanent Access

Enter this command in any terminal window:


You will be prompted
Do you want this script to alter your setup files (y/n)[y]?
You must answer y for a permanent installation. After using config_user you only need to type:


after any login or the current login to start CFX. Termporary Access

The scripts built if your setup files are not altered are stored on the system. They can be used for temporary access to CFX.

csh shell startup

For C-shell users:

source /home/mecfd/cfx5.login cfx5 ksh/sh/bash startup

For Korn shell, Bourne shell, and Bourne-Again shell users:

. /home/mecfd/cfx5.profile cfx5 Reference

See the AEAT Software website for more information about CFX. See Also

See TASCflow for another Computational Fluid Dynamics application.