Sas Warehouse Administrator
Access the Demo

This demo is most useful in conjuction with the book "SAS/Warehouse Administrator User's Guide, Release 2.0". Some portions of the demo may not work if the guide is not followed.

The demo is available only if you have already invoked SAS and are comfortable using an editor and using the SAS command box. The steps are outlined below.

  1. Add these two lines to your
    x cd /usr/local/share/sas;
    libname library 'dwdemo/fmts';

    Your may not exists but should be placed in your Sas user directory located in sasuser.800 in your home directory.

  2. Invoke SAS Release 8.2
  3. Add the sample Environment to your Warehouse Administrator desktop:
    1. Type dw in the SAS command box to invoke Warehouse Administrator
    2. select File==>Add Item==>Data Warehouse Environment from the pull-down menu
    3. in the Data Warehouse Environment Properties window, type the following in the Path field: dwdemo/_master
    4. press OK
  4. Now double-click on the warehouse environment icon to open it.

If you receive the message: ERROR: Library _MASTER does not exist, then your current working directory is not set correctly.

You can check your current working directory by typing x pwd in the SAS command box.