StarOffice 7

StarOffice 7 is a suite of office productivity programs. The can work with Microsoft Office files or native StarOffice files.

StarOffice 7 includes programs to work with:

  • Documents
  • Spreadsheets
  • Presentations
  • HTML
  • Drawings

The first time StarOffice 7 is invoked from the CDE Front Panel or the Gnome Action menu it will install files in your home directory. If you've used StarOffice 6 before it will ask if StarOffice 6 should be update. This is recommended.

After the first time StarOffice 7 is invoked you can simply click on a file in the File Manager to open the StarOffice application associated with it.

To create a new StarOffice 7 file, simply start StarOffice by clicking on the CDE Front Panel Icon or selecting it from the Gnome Actions menu in the sub-menu Office.


There are PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format) manuals available in /usr/local/share/doc/Staroffice7 in various languages.

Further information can be found on Sun's site for Star Office